Denmark has one of the strongest public sectors in the world – and we need to maintain that position. The public sector is constantly evolving, facing increased pressure in terms of digitisation and efficiency, all while budgets are tightening. It is one of the most digitalised public sectors in Europe and has been so for many years. 

The digital evolution and fast-paced development of new technologies have made old systems obsolete, and organisations have built up technical debt as new possibilities have emerged. When implementing a new technology, it is important not just to add yet another solution, but to actually create a connected organisation with seamless integrations between systems. At the moment, Generative AI is on everyone's lips, and the possibilities in the public sector are many. Implementing new technology as GenAI efficiently while ensuring a compliant public sector is essential as the public sector is dealing with different types of personal data. Meeting these demands requires professional expertise, experience and, not least, the courage to challenge the norm. 

KPMG has a dedicated team of professionals that is primarily working for and with the public sector. Our primary areas of expertise are digital transformation, public controlling and strategy implementation in public organisations. Our consultants have extensive knowledge about the different public sectors, both from previous roles and from projects in various organisations. This expertise enables us to transform new solutions to a public context that is applicable for our clients.

We combine the newest technologies with extensive sector knowledge

In close collaboration with our clients, we ensure, for example, the selection of the right system, implementation of the appropriate solution or the execution of organisational change. This enables you to progress and simultaneously ensure employee satisfaction.

Our vast experience within the Danish public sector positions us to address pressing challenges, such as the public digital transformation, the development of large infrastructure projects, and large organisational changes. Our understanding of our clients enables us to tailor solutions for their needs with support from our experts within new technologies. 

Our team of experts specialises in asset management and project management, ensuring that we provide our clients with the most innovative and efficient solutions possible. By considering the specific needs of each of our clients, we focus on delivering customised and cost-effective solutions that are tailored to achieve their objectives.

With the rapid pace of digitalisation, we help our clients navigate through the public strategy landscape, advising them on how to best utilise the latest technology advancements for the benefit of their businesses. We believe that our focus on the latest digital technologies combined with our extensive sector knowledge are what set us apart and allow us to deliver value to our clients. 

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