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Calling all tax and sustainability professionals

The world is rapidly evolving and so is the ESG tax landscape. The role and contribution of tax departments in bringing their companies’ sustainability transformation to life has therefore never been more significant.

To enrich the understanding of tax´ impact and its role on the ESG journey, we invite you to participate in the event: Sustainability & ESG in Tax: The role of the tax function for a sustainable future.

When taking part in the event, you can expect to be introduced to the latest ESG developments from a tax angle and get insights into the practical role that the tax function can, and must, play in partnership with the business and sustainability teams.


13:00: Arrival and registration 

13:30: Welcome and introduction by KPMG Acor Tax

13:45: Panel discussion with leading Tax & ESG experts 

14:20: Funding & Incentives presentation

14:45: Breakout Session - Round 1

15:40: Breakout Session - Round 2

16:35: Key outcomes from today

17:00: Networking

Practical information

Date: Wednesday, 1 November 2023 

Time: 13:00-17:00 CET

Location: Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers

Target audience: Heads of tax, tax professionals, heads of sustainability, sustainability managers, C-level executives

Explore the breakout sessions

The facilitation of the event will include five breakout sessions, hosted by experts, both from KPMG and external partners. You will have the opportunity to further discuss and dive into two topics of your choice, out of the following five topics below: 

Meet the Tax & ESG experts of the event

About Søren Dalby

Søren Dalby

Søren is CEO & Senior Partner at KPMG Acor Tax, and the lead partner on Sustainability & ESG in Tax. In addition to his tax technical expertise, Søren has been a leading voice on the responsible tax agenda for many years, and he advises Danish and international businesses on their tax policies and strategies, tax governance, public disclosures, and the strategic role of heads of tax in ESG.

Søren will be your host of the event as well as participate in #1 Breakout session.

About Francois Marlier

Francois Marlier

Francois drives the Sustainability & ESG in Tax agenda at KPMG Acor Tax and is focused on helping heads of tax navigate the ESG agenda. He advises on tax transparency strategy, and on how the tax function can add value to a company’s wider corporate sustainability strategy. He is particularly interested in public policy, corporate affairs, and managing change and associated reputational risks.

Francois will be your host of the event.

About Asthildur Hjaltadottir

Asthildur Hjaltadottir

Asthildur is Chief Sustainability Officer at GRI, where she oversees GRI’s own sustainability reporting processes as well as providing strategic advice across the organisation. She has been with GRI for more than 16 years in a wide variety of roles, including previously leading report services, training and coaching departments, and the regional networks.

Asthildur will participate in the panel discussion as well as #1 Breakout session.

About Nicole De Jager

Nicole De Jager

Nicole is part of KPMG’s global ESG Tax and Legal team and Decarbonisation Hub, specialising in the European Green Deal and decarbonisation through the use of taxes or pseudo-taxes. In her current role, she performs detailed analysis of legislative proposals, including the EU’s “Fit for 55” package, providing insights into how these new or updated initiatives interact with other global legislative developments, and what impacts they may have on businesses.

Nicole will participate in the panel discussion as well as #3 Breakout session.

About Frederik Gylling

Frederik Gylling

Frederik is at the intersection of technology and business in his role as Partner Tech Strategist at Microsoft. He has previously worked with climate technology and is now advising customers and partners on how to leverage technology on their digital and green transition.

Frederik will participate in the panel discussion as well as #4 Breakout session.

About Michael Jensen

Michael Birkebæk Jensen

Michael is Partner and ESG & Products Lead at KPMG Denmark. He is passionate about combining cutting edge technologies with ESG, sustainability, business and entrepreneurship. Through his work he seeks to create change across the entire ESG agenda by working in new ways that contribute positively to the ESG agenda.

Michael will participate in the panel discussion as well as #4 Breakout session.

Om Mikkel Papendick Andersen

Mikkel Papendick Andersen

Mikkel is a Director in KPMG Acor Tax' Compliance Management and Transformation team, leading a team of data and technology specialists, focused on optimising processes and compliance through technology and data management. He developed our Tax Footprint Analyzer, a tech-enabled solution, cornerstone of our approach tax transparency reporting and Pillar 2 compliance, that extracts, categorises, and organises all tax payment directly from any ERP system.

Mikkel will participate in #4 Breakout session.

About Richard Marcos

Richard Marcos

Richard is the Global Leader of KPMG’s Credits, Grants and Incentives practice. He coordinates a network of experienced professionals across KPMG firms around the world to help companies design, implement and optimise effective incentives strategy in line with their business needs, ESG ambitions, and sustainability strategy.

Richard will participate as speaker of Funding & Incentives and in #5 Breakout session.

About Gerard Campbell

Gerard Campbell

Gerard is KPMG’s EMEA lead co-ordinator for Credits, Grants and Incentives and has national responsibility for grant advisory services including national economic growth and research grant funding programmes. Gerard has supported a range of companies on public funding, taking them through the funding cycle of identification of suitable funding programmes, applications guidance, and assurance.

Gerard will participate as speaker of Funding & Incentives and in #5 Breakout session.

Om Peder Reuther

Peder Reuther

Peder is Transfer Pricing Partner at KPMG Acor Tax. His interest in transfer pricing was triggered by the combination of law, economics and business administration, and is continuously fuelled by the drastic changes in both international tax law and the ever-changing business environment that namely the transfer pricing discipline needs to understand. This includes value chain transformations happening due to ESG and working-from-anywhere structures.

Peder will participate in #2 Breakout session.

Om Thomas Iversen

Thomas Iversen

Thomas Iversen is Partner at KPMG Acor Tax and specialises in Corporate Tax. Over the years, Thomas has advised a wide range of Danish and international businesses and private equity funds as well as renewable energy investors and developers.

Thomas will participate in the panel discussion and in #2 Breakout session.

About Nynne-Maria Holst

Nynne-Maria Holst

Nynne is Manager at KPMG Acor Tax and a part of the team working with ESG and Tax. She is a lawyer and has, among other things, previously worked with the Danish tax authorities – mainly with Corporate Tax. She has focused on advising about ESG and Tax for 1.5 year – primarily on Tax Policies, CbCR and Total Tax Contribution.

Nynne will participate in #1 Breakout session.

Om Søren Jakobsen

Sandeep Sanghera

Sandeep is a Senior Manager at KPMG Acor Tax. She has worked with tax incentives and reliefs in the UK for several years. Now, based in Denmark, her interests also encompass the funding and opportunities available to support the sustainability and ESG projects of our Danish clients.

Sandeep will participate in #5 Breakout session.

Om Sebastian Houe

Sebastian Houe

Sebastian is an Indirect Tax Director at KPMG Acor Tax. He is responsible for providing tax services to Danish and international multinationals with global operations within the field of carbon taxes and green taxes in general as well as other ESG related topics. Sebastian has around 15 years of experience within the field of taxes and other market instruments supporting the green transition and decarbonisation.

Sebastian will participate in #3 Breakout session.

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