Burcu Gülver, Assistant Manager, Financial Services Regulatory & Compliance, explains how she is shaping the future of the financial sector with crypto-compliance and setting new standards for digital assets through innovative approaches and customised solutions.


Three questions for Burcu

What motivates you every day?

Burcu Gülver: I have always been passionate about cryptocurrencies. Now I can use this to support customers. I'm also motivated by the fact that new interfaces with other areas are constantly emerging and new interdisciplinary teams are being created for each project.

"Refocusing anti-financial crime, not rethinking it."

Burcu Gülver
Burcu Gülver

What does transformation mean to you?

Burcu-Guelver: For me, transformation means that companies shape their future by not resisting change, but actively tackling and mastering it. The principle "If you don't move with the times, you move with the times" applies here in particular.

How do you make the difference?

Burcu-Guelver: I help to improve the financial industry in its fight against money laundering and financial crime through new and innovative approaches. I do this by asking the right questions and critically scrutinising data.

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