Highlights from the 2023 financial year

  • Introduction of Degreed as a new

AI-supported learning platform

  • For our employees

Introduction of a screen reader

  • (Reading aid) for more accessibility in the digital space

Around 39% share of women

  • At manager and senior manager level
  • Individual organisation of working hours and place of work through

KPMG fleXwork

Our employees are the key to our continued success. We see it as our task as an employer to retain our employees in the long term and to continue to be their clear choice in what remains a highly competitive recruitment market. To this end, we create an appreciative and diverse corporate culture that promotes strengths and identifies development potential.

As a "people business", we attach great importance to placing our employees at the centre of everything we do. We want them to be able to develop their personality and realise their full potential. That is why we constantly strive to create a working environment in which employees can develop successfully and performance is encouraged on an individual basis.

Further information can be found here.

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I make a difference

The society we live in is diverse. I believe that inclusion is only achieved when this diversity is also reflected in our day-to-day work.


We want to fulfil the needs and wishes of our current and potential employees and always focus on them.

Qualified and motivated employees are the key to a successful company. In order to continue to successfully attract new talent to our company in the future, we want to organise the recruitment process for new employees in such a way that it meets their needs and expectations.

With our employer branding campaigns and targeted recruiting measures, we want to present the attractiveness of KPMG's professional fields and thus assert ourselves in the competition for talent.

Further information can be found here.

How we attract the best talent

  • Candidate First
    Our Candidate First strategy includes analysing the needs and requirements of the target group and, in particular, a simple application process. In our HR marketing measures and channels, we focus on candidates from the fields of economics, STEM subjects, law and degree programmes with an affinity for business administration, as well as commercial employees. However, career changers from other fields are also an asset to our interdisciplinary teams.
  • University marketing
    In order to give students an insight into the diverse professional fields at KPMG during their studies, we cooperate with numerous target universities throughout Germany. Our campus recruiters give the KPMG employer brand a face on site and are the direct point of contact for interested talent. In this way, students come into contact with KPMG as an employer at an early stage and can gain experience with us as working students and interns while still studying.
  • Digital recruiting process
    Our digital recruiting strategy is highly effective and has an increasing reach. This strategy enables us to reach a higher number of qualified applicants regardless of location while maintaining a high quality of contact. Based on these positive results, we are continuously expanding the digitalisation of our recruiting process.
  • Benefits for employees
    Our attractiveness as an employer for junior staff is also enhanced by a variety of offers such as fitness programmes or our corporate benefits programme for KPMG employees.
      • KPMG fleXwork including home working, sabbaticals and much more
      • Location-related sports facilities and discounted fitness offers
      • Diverse health programmes
      • Modern technical equipment
      • Mobile phones also for private use
      • Bicycle leasing as part of the salary conversion programme
      • Participation in the Corporate Benefits programme
      • Lunch allowance
      • Job tickets (at selected locations and for selected employee groups)
      • Offer of elements of the company pension scheme
      • Asset-creating benefits
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What we achieved in the 2023 financial year

  • Talent community KPMGNext
    Last year, we launched the talent community KPMGnext to promote the talents of tomorrow and network with KPMG employees. The community is a particularly good way for junior staff to establish contacts with KPMG before they start their career. The community has grown rapidly since it was founded a year ago. Around 2,500 talents benefit from a VIP application process, regular events and networking with future colleagues, among other things.
  • Further development of our social media presence
    In order to reach our target groups in the best possible way and give them an authentic insight into working at KPMG, we have expanded our KPMG career social media infrastructure to include YouTube and also continuously optimised and developed it further. With the cross-target group HR marketing campaign, for example under the motto #TogetherForBetter, we want to communicate our values and our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility and inspire potential applicants to join KPMG.
  • We recorded a net increase of around 900 employees compared to the previous year.
  • We were able to significantly reduce our staff turnover rate1 to 15 per cent in the 2023 financial year (previous year: 21 per cent).
  • We were also able to recruit 30 per cent of our interns and working students for a permanent position at KPMG.
  • We have organised more than 230 regional and national university marketing events.
  • Our talent community KPMGnext now has more than 2,500 active participants.

1 12-month fluctuation. This is based on the average employee capacity (FTE) over twelve months (1 October 2022 to 30 September 2023). The number of departures and the employee capacity do not include administrative employees, interns, working students, BA students, trainees or temporary staff.

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Development and Careers

We want to put our motto "Lifelong learning" into practice by promoting training and further education as well as the personal development of our employees.

With the aim of employing the best and most highly qualified people at KPMG and thus fulfilling our promise of quality in our services, lifelong learning is a key component of our Learning & Development activities. To this end, we promote individual career paths and rely on appreciative, regular feedback and strength-orientated development of our employees.

Motivated employees who are committed to a long-term professional future with KPMG - with this concept, we want to continue to build up our workforce despite the general shortage of skilled labour, while at the same time continuously meeting the expectations of our clients and offering them modern and innovative solutions.

Further information can be found here.

Global People Survey

An effective feedback culture also includes feedback from employees to their employer. This is why KPMG conducts the Global People Survey every year. By taking part, our employees can help shape our day-to-day work. As an employer, we receive an up-to-date picture of the mood on relevant internal company topics and can specifically address areas where our employees believe we can improve. In 2023, 77 per cent of our employees took part in the survey, which represents an increase of seven percentage points compared to the previous year. Since the last survey in 2022, we have implemented many of the resulting measures, such as strengthening regular participation formats like the "Brunch & Talk" manager roadshows or the Get-together Leadership & Employees in Consulting, the introduction of FeelGood Managers in Financial Services and increased communication about our mental health offerings in Deal Advisory.

How we enable development and careers

  • Pre- and onboarding
    Our new joiners receive support right from the start to familiarise themselves with KPMG as a new employer and find out about the processes and structures of their future position. With the help of our onboarding app and onboarding buddies, new colleagues are prepared and supported for their start at KPMG.
  • Learning and development formats
    In addition to the opportunity to complete vocational training or a dual study programme with us, we also offer a combination of vocational training and a university degree. Our development formats, which we support both financially and in terms of time off work, include various part-time Master's programmes, professional examinations and equivalent additional qualifications. We also offer special development programmes to promote our top talents, such as our Emerging Leader Programme.
  • Feedback programmes
    We use a variety of feedback formats to promote the professional and personal development of our employees. We want to assess their performance and potential through appreciative and differentiated feedback - in personal, virtual or written form. Our tried-and-tested appraisal system Reflect is one of the most important formats for this. It helps colleagues to identify their strengths, focus on them and build on them. We also offer other programmes such as the Feed Forward programme for managers. This programme allows managers to obtain structured feedback from all colleagues in all positions. In addition, we organised a Germany-wide feedback week for all employees for the first time in the 2023 financial year, giving them the opportunity to explore the wide range of feedback options.
  • Mentoring programmes
    At KPMG, mentoring has long been an integral part of promoting the development of our employees. An experienced mentor accompanies and supports a junior employee (mentee) in their personal and professional development. Although the focus here is on supporting the mentee, mentoring is a two-way process in which both sides learn something new. This includes, for example, Power Mentoring. It prepares female senior managers for the KPMG partnership. The programme serves to develop careers and strengthen resilience and also helps to expand networks in a targeted manner.
  • Diverse training platforms
    A central component of our training concept is the learning experience, which consists of various modules such as classroom and online training, video material, articles, feedback mechanisms and coaching. Our learning platforms, such as LinkedIn Learning, offer a wide range of educational content on topics such as business, IT and creativity. This content is designed to give our employees the opportunity to quickly familiarise themselves with new topics, regardless of their previous knowledge.
  • Rotation
    In today's business environment, customer requirements are becoming increasingly complex and diverse. At the same time, our employees not only want to specialise in depth, but also to develop in breadth. With our rotation programme Discover KPMG, we address both factors and offer our employees a Germany-wide rotation programme across all services. A rotation programme involves a period of at least three months in another KPMG service or team. In addition, since April 2023, participation in the rotation programme has been mandatory for all specialist employees who join us as senior / associates.
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What we achieved in the 2023 financial year

  • Consolidation and individualisation of learning processes
    Our new, AI-supported learning platform Degreed enables us to clearly bundle all existing learning resources and relevant key topics and adapt them individually to the needs of users. The platform analyses expressions of interest and learning activities and generates recommendations for suitable educational offers. At the same time, it promotes networking between employees and enables a targeted concentration on individually relevant focal points.
  • Our employees completed an average of around 87 hours of training per specialist employee in the 2023 financial year (previous year: 83).
  • A total of 159 young talents (previous year: 135) are currently completing vocational training at KPMG, ten of whom are combining their vocational training with a degree programme.
  • Around 75 per cent (previous year: 74 per cent) of trainees were offered permanent employment after successfully completing their training.
  • A total of 116 employees started a dual study programme with us in cooperation with a college/university in the 2023 financial year (previous year: 77).
  • 305 (previous year: 330) top talents took part in our Emerging Leader Programme this year.
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Inclusion & Diversity

The unique experiences and perspectives of our employees are an enrichment for us as a company. We want to encourage all employees to be who they are.

At KPMG, inclusion and diversity stands for respectful cooperation and the appreciation of individuality - regardless of age, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation and identity, mental and physical abilities, cultural background and social origin. We are convinced that a variety of perspectives, life experiences and CVs not only creates added value for us, but also for our customers.

We reaffirmed our commitment to inclusion and diversity back in 2007 by signing the Diversity Charter. The Diversity Charter and its diversity dimensions are an integral part of our corporate culture. We are actively committed to recognising and supporting this through our measures.

Further information can be found here.

International female leadership target

A common goal of all KPMG member firms is to achieve a global share of 33 per cent women at partner and director level by 2025. Continuously increasing the proportion of women in management positions is also a core concern for KPMG in Germany.

Respect for human rights

The KPMG organisation worldwide is committed to the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. This commitment builds on our long-standing support of the UN Global Compact, which we signed back in 2002. KPMG is also committed to supporting the protection of human rights, preventing human rights abuses (including those related to business relationships) and contributing to the elimination of all forms of forced, compulsory and child labour. Further information on the implementation of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act at KPMG can be found in the Supplier Management chapter.

How we are further strengthening inclusion and diversity

  • Diversity all year round
    At KPMG, we are actively committed to informing our employees about the dimensions of diversity in our company and raising their awareness of the topics of inclusion and diversity. We do this by organising focus months on the dimensions of diversity. During this time, we offer a wide range of information and reflection formats. For example, our colleagues from the KPMG networks share their personal experiences and create spaces for exchange, joint learning and mutual support.
  • Compatibility of work and private life
    We want our employees' work and private lives to be compatible. For this reason, we have implemented a variety of measures and offers that promote family- and life-phase-orientated working at KPMG. We offer various concepts for flexibilising working hours, including individual weekly or monthly working hours as well as the option of working from home and mobile working in Germany and other EU countries. Employees can also take advantage of our Fokus.Familie programme to achieve a good work-life balance after the birth of a child. In addition, we work with selected partner companies that offer seminars on health, family and social issues and provide our colleagues with anonymous and free advice on these topics and, if necessary, refer them to other organisations - including support in care cases.
  • Networks
    Through our diverse internal networks at KPMG, we encourage our employees to exchange ideas on relevant topics and support networking within focus groups.
  • Speak-up format
    Through speak-up formats, we teach our employees practical techniques to strengthen their skills in reflection, confidence and quick-wittedness in challenging situations. At the same time, we help to promote value-orientated cooperation, both within the company and externally.
      • Physical and mental abilities in care cases
      • .
      • Cultural diversity
      • Sexual orientation and identity
      • Social background
      • Diversity of generations
      • Gender diversity
    • Our Focus.family programme provides our employees with financial support when they return to work after the birth of a child. It also offers them the opportunity to use flexible working models in terms of time and location to make it easier to balance work and family life. With this measure, we want to further strengthen equal opportunities in terms of career development.

    • Equal opportunities also include equal pay. By regularly analyzing our remuneration structures, we ensure that our employees are remunerated fairly and independently of gender in accordance with their qualifications and performance.

    • We firmly believe that potential is not tied to gender. We therefore set ourselves the goal of promoting our diverse talents in an appropriate manner in order to ensure a balanced gender distribution in all positions.

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fleXwork: KPMG's commitment to a modern working world

Under the label fleXwork, we combine a wide range of flexibility programs that enable our employees to shape their work individually. This includes flexible working hours and locations, such as the traditional working day model, weekly and seasonal models as well as home working and mobile working in Switzerland and other EU countries.

We also recognize the importance of personal interaction and collaboration in building a vibrant corporate culture, fostering creativity and developing networks. Direct discussions between our employees therefore continue to be of great importance and contribute to personal and professional development.

"In the Austrian Alps, my girlfriend and I find the perfect place to recharge our batteries and relax after a day at work. Thanks to KPMG's Workation program, we were able to explore this impressive mountain world after work. I really appreciate this offer from KPMG to work from a different location for a while."

Lars Broschk, Performance Marketing Manager, Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing

What we achieved in the 2023 financial year

  • Prout at Work Voices and Executives
    This year, the Prout at Work organization has once again recognized individuals for their commitment to LGBT*IQ equal opportunities in the workplace as PROUT PERFORMERS. We are delighted that KPMG is represented on the list as a PROUT PERFORMER 2023 with two employees.
  • Screen reader for people with visual impairments
    Since this year, we have been providing a screen reader (NonVisual Desktop Access Software) that enables people with visual impairments or limitations to participate optimally and independently in working life. We are thus taking a further step towards accessibility in the digital space too.
  • 12.5% women in management positions at Management Board level (previous year: also 12.5%).
  • 18% share of women in management positions at the first level below the Management Board (previous year: 17%).
  • 39 percent share of women in management positions at the second level below the Management Board (previous year: also 39 percent).
  • 6 out of 16 members of the Supervisory Board are women, which corresponds to a share of around 37.5% (previous year: 5 out of 16).
  • 17% of employees and 17% of managers at KPMG took up the offer of an individualized working time model, as in the previous year.
  • People of 110 different nationalities work at KPMG (previous year: 107 nationalities).
  • In the 2023 financial year, we employed 221 people with severe disabilities or equivalent at KPMG (previous year: 216). This puts us below the statutory minimum quota of 5 percent. In order to continuously increase this percentage, we are working on specific measures such as raising awareness of inclusion, improving (digital) accessibility in the workplace and specifically taking people with disabilities into account in the recruitment process.
  • In the 2023 financial year, around 140 employees took part in the Focus.family program (previous year: 171).
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Innovative steps towards digital accessibility at KPMG: Our commitment to inclusive working conditions

At KPMG, we are committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive working environment. However, we recognize that there is always room for improvement. For people with visual impairments or limitations, capturing documents or chats on screen can be a challenge.

At KPMG, we want to actively work to reduce barriers in everyday working life. Our ongoing efforts to promote inclusion are reflected in initiatives to ensure that all our employees have equal opportunities and resources in our diverse and dynamic working environment.

With the introduction of screen readers (NonVisual Desktop Access Software, NVDA), we enable people with visual impairments or limitations to better participate in working life at KPMG. This measure is a further step on the road to digital accessibility, alongside the live subtitles for team meetings that support people with hearing impairments.

"For employees with disabilities, accessibility is not only important in buildings, but also in the digital sphere. Live subtitles have recently been made available in Microsoft Teams. This helps people with a hearing impairment, but is also helpful in situations where audio transmission is limited. People with a visual impairment need support in the form of reading aloud and magnification software. I am delighted that this is now possible."

Jörg Felgentreu, Representative for Severely Disabled Employees at KPMG in Germany

Health & well-being

We are committed to protecting and supporting the mental and physical well-being of our employees. We want to create a safe working environment in which all employees can reach their full potential.

The physical and mental health of our employees is a high priority for KPMG as an employer. We have therefore established a wide range of measures to improve health and well-being in the workplace and for prevention in the form of a comprehensive, cross-divisional management approach.

The current global challenges also increase the risk of mental stress among our employees. We therefore attach particular importance to preventive measures and to providing timely relief and support for those affected. We also implement a wide range of measures to raise awareness of mental health issues and actively combat stigmatization. At the same time, we consider the development of our managers' skills to be very important in order to strengthen them in recognizing and dealing with the potential and actual mental health challenges of our employees.

How we support the health of our employees

  • Information and training offers
    We regularly provide our employees with easily accessible offers to promote mental strength and health. This includes, for example, talks and training on topics such as task management, time management and stress management.
  • Counseling services
    Our employees have access to a wide range of support services, both internal and external. These include confidential discussions with internal coaches and company doctors as well as life and social counseling from our external cooperation partner famPLUS.
  • Health and fitness offerings
    We have set up special fitness areas in some of our KPMG locations. In addition, our employees have access to a wide range of health and prevention offers. These include, for example, informative webinars with content on nutritional advice, diabetes prevention and bioelectrical impedance analysis.
  • Flu vaccinations
    Our employees can take up the offer of a flu vaccination in almost all branches every year.
  • Lease Bikes
    We introduced a bicycle leasing program in 2019. Since the 2022 financial year, it has also been possible to purchase second bikes via company leasing.
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Get moving and make a difference
The company-wide KPMG Changers Challenge in summer 2023

Keep fit and do good - employees collected kilometers together through exercise, which were then converted by KPMG into a donation for the organization Brotzeit e.V.. This donation supported the provision of socially disadvantaged primary and school children with a healthy breakfast.

The basic idea behind our running challenge was to draw employees' attention to the importance of health and exercise in everyday life and to do something for a good cause at the same time. In just two weeks, over 1,700 employees set off together and ran almost 100,000 kilometers. For this enormous achievement, we supported the Brotzeit e.V. association with a donation. This association provides children and young people with a wholesome breakfast, giving them a healthy start to the day.

What we achieved in the 2023 financial year

  • Hybrid working guide: Common ground for successful collaboration
    As part of the company-wide survey on the working environment in the 2023 financial year, employees were asked for suggestions and ideas for measures that could further improve collaboration and the working environment at KPMG. One example of the implementation of these suggestions is a new guide on hybrid working. It summarizes the most important topics that should be considered in the context of hybrid teamwork. It serves as a guide and is intended to promote flexible and effective collaboration among our employees, always keeping the needs of customers, the market and individual team members in mind.
  • We now have around 970 active bike leasing contracts.
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