Services for the banking sector

About us

We provide specialised advisory services in risk management, financial management, accounting, and financial regulation. Our clients include financial institutions (banks, credit unions, investment companies) as well as non-financial companies.

Several specialised teams operate within our department:

Regulatory team

The regulatory team monitors regulatory changes both locally and at the European Union level. It offers clients methodological support and services related to the implementation of regulatory changes. It also provides services related to regulatory reporting, including methodological advice, the development of automation tools, and the optimisation of the reporting process.

Credit risk modelling team

The credit risk modelling team is dedicated to developing and reviewing quantitative credit risk models in accordance with current accounting standards and regulatory requirements. It also provides a full range of underwriting, collection and antifraud advice, including the development of related predictive models.

Financial instruments accounting and financial risk management team

The financial instruments accounting and financial risk management team provides methodological advice on the classification, valuation, and impairment of financial instruments. It develops and reviews impairment models under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), assists with the valuation of bonds, derivatives, and structured financial instruments, and advises on hedge accounting.

Corporate governance and risk management strategy team

We use the long-standing experience of the members of this team in obtaining banking, payment institution, and securities dealer licenses or in issuing securities on regulated markets. This team also advises on the risk management strategy of banking institutions.