Transactions don’t happen in isolation – which is why we always consider all business aspects and use analytical tools to support our decision-making process. With over 20 years of experience, we know the ins and outs of a variety of sectors and can help anyone, from industrial manufacturers to IT developers!

  • Our services are provided by seasoned experts with deep understanding of the market.
  • We are backed by the global network of KPMG’s consulting companies and know-how of thousands of experts from 50+ countries.


We consistently close the most deals in Czechia

We have been repeatedly called the most successful transaction consultants in the country by Mergermarket, an international analytics company. In 2021, a generational change on the Czech business scene helped us close a record number of 13 deals.


How can we help?

I need to appraise a company

We can appraise almost anything – an entire business, your shares, a piece of real estate, material and immaterial property, securities, and other types of assets.

As a licensed office, we provide expert opinions that can be used in court or other litigation.

I need a due diligence performed

As a buyer, you will receive a due diligence report with a thorough financial analysis of the company, key parameters for calculation of the purchasing price, and a list of potential financial risks related to the purchase.

As a seller, you will receive a vendor due diligence report with detailed information on financial performance of your business, providing investors with more insight and confidence when they decide to make an offer or have the company appraised.

And if you need a tax or legal due diligence report, our tax consultants and lawyers are ready to help.


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