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Who we are

KPMG Lighthouse Czech Republic is a team of dedicated professionals whose goal is to support the business growth of clients and to be the partner of choice for data, artificial Intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies.

Our philosophy is to put business first. We help our client to uncover the hidden potential of data, support business growth, improve risk management and optimize costs. We use data science, automatization, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to transform the businesses of our clients.

The KPMG Lighthouse team is part of KPMG Management Consulting.


Our Services



Automation of business processes reduces operating costs, eliminates routine manual tasks to reduce the number of human errors, helps to quickly and effectively fill in documents and offers a broad range of other advantages.


AI and advanced analytics

Our solutions utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics enable data-driven decision making and company management. It brings effective solutions to complex problems as well as new business opportunities which lead to increased revenue and the reduction of risks or issues, and the optimization of total expenditures.



Data are the fuel driving every modern organization. They bring the necessary information about business performance and enable qualified decision making in all processes. Use of relevant data helps to increase sales and effectivity, reduce costs, or understand the market better.


Emerging Technologies

Modern technologies can vastly improve your competitiveness on the market. Our experts are able to tailor fit those technologies to suit your needs and maximize benefits while minimizing expenditures.


Our Team

Leading industry experts in data, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies can offer you their extensive experience. They will help you to orient to the complicated business challenges of a turbulent market.