Path to sustainability

GRI 413-1 

Utilising our professional knowledge and competence, we accompany non-profit organisations and social businesses on their path towards sustainability. With the expertise of our employees, we help non-profits and social business find new approaches to the resolution of their problems. Non-profit organisations and social businesses may take advantage of our expertise by participating in professional training courses, mentoring, and applying for service grants. Our professional assistance intends to be both the provision of assistance to non-profit organisations and a development activity for our employees, giving them the opportunity to expand their horizons and knowledge and to practice their soft skills. In addition to professional consultancy, we also support non-profit organisations with manual volunteer activities and both financial and material assistance.

A comprehensive overview of our professional programmes and all registration information can be found on the programme’s dedicated web pages at Cesta k udržitelnosti (Path to sustainability). 


iKid is an educational project for children between the ages of 10 and 14 that teaches the younger generation how to run a business. Children gain an understanding of how business works and experience what it takes to bring a product to market.

The young innovators meet approximately once a week for six months and experience first-hand how to set up their own start-up in five steps.

During iKid, the young contestants go through five project phases:

  • idea generation 
  • market research          
  • prototype creation    
  • marketing          
  • final presentation.

Throughout the project, a mentor who has a thorough knowledge of the business environment works closely with the children and helps the team to come up with the best solution. During the project, children have the opportunity to participate in workshops with professionals and excursions to interesting companies.

Website helping teens with mental health problems wins 6th iKid competition

I-psych is a website providing first aid for teens with mental health problems to feel good and at ease with themselves. Teenagers can find important information, advice and contacts on the site. There are also educational programmes for schools on the site. "We programmed the anonymous chatbot ourselves. We've also already created a community on Instagram and partnered with experts from several organisations, including Linka bezpečí, the telephone hotline. We are also negotiating with a health insurance company to support our project financially," said Michaela Hamanová, a member of the winning team.

Second place in the competition went to Five Star Montessori Primary School, whose team presented a tool to help avoid water waste in the home. Third place went to the Slaný Primary School, Rabasova 821, whose team came up with the idea of a universal emergency luggage in a timeless design and made of durable material.

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