“Sustainable business is a part of our company’s culture, and we help our clients develop it as well through education and the knowledge of our experts. We also help non-profits make their management more efficient by volunteering expert knowledge and time. Every year, we spend 3 500 hours on trainings, mentoring, grants, and pro bono work. Over 300 children have already completed our iKid project that teaches school children about enterprise and responsibility. We make it a priority to motivate our employees to be invested in social responsibility and see volunteering and participating in useful, socially beneficial projects as a development opportunity for them. We minimize the impact our business has on the environment – we lowered our carbon footprint by over 40% per FTE since 2016. We strive to teach our employees to be more conscious about the environment both at work and at home.”

Milan Bláha
Partner responsible for social responsibility

TOP Responsible company

Our business is responsible, and striving to be a responsible, sustainable business in the long-term is the right direction to be heading in; the TOP Responsible Company award that we have received and cherished for several years in a row now is proof enough. Our long-term approach and contribution to social responsibility have earned us, together with several other companies, the BEST OF title that ushered us into the imaginary social responsibility hall of fame.