Non-profit organizations

Non-profits and social enterprises aiming to become more sustainable can benefit from our expertise through expert trainings, grants, and our mentoring program. We aim to respond flexibly to their needs, so they can always choose from relevant courses or projects. We believe that our expertise can help make them more efficient, expanding their options and abilities to perform socially beneficial activities. 

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Expert trainings

Our experts train people from the non-profit sector in a variety of fields including taxes, auditing, annual reports, financial risk management or marketing communication. Every year, more than 200 employees from non-profits and social enterprises participate in our expert trainings that run from March to June and are completely free of charge.

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Once a year, KPMG opens an application call for grants to receive our services in specific areas of expertise like taxes, accounting, legal matters, strategic management, financial analysis or reporting. Selected organizations will then receive our standard commercial services for just a symbolic fee.

Mentoring program

Under our mentoring program, volunteers from our talent development program help non-profits solve their problems and challenges. For six months, volunteers from consulting departments will work with a non-profit or a social enterprise, looking for the best solutions. When the program is finished, both the NGO and the mentor will receive feedback that can help develop the organization even further.

Pro bono services

We work with ten non-profits who receive our auditing, accounting, and consulting services free of charge or for a symbolic fee, helping them save significant sums of money they can instead use directly towards their projects.


We use our professional expertise to support and develop entrepreneurship and responsible business practices in young people.


The iKid educational project is designed to teach youngsters – kids aged 10-14 – about business, so they can begin to understand how it works and what’s involved in putting a new item on the market.

Over the course of six months, young innovators meet roughly once a week and create their own startup businesses in five stages, guided by an experienced business mentor. The project gives children an opportunity to participate in expert-led workshops and even visit some very interesting companies in person.

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