Radek Halíček

Managing Partner, KPMG in Czech Republic

Another tumultuous year

GRI 2-14 | 2-24

Most of us thought that 2022 would be when things would start to return to normal after the Covid measures. But unfortunately, Europe was hit by another unexpected event, Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

Our firm devoted a lot of energy and resources to helping our colleagues from KPMG's office in Ukraine and their families. We intensively searched for accommodation and employment in our country. We also announced a firm-wide fundraising campaign, through which we gave CZK 1.7 million to People in Need, Post Bellum and OPU in support of Ukraine. Additional funds and time were provided by our colleagues and partners in numerous private activities.

I am very pleased that despite all the societal challenges, we are successfully continuing to work for our clients. I believe that supporting them on the path to successful digitalisation or implementing ESG strategies will help transform our economy into a more successful and resilient one.

This year, we relaunched our Path to Sustainability programme for non-profit organisations and social enterprises. Through mentoring, service grants, and training, our professionals have helped more than 100 participating organisations to operate more effectively. This year alone, we dedicated over 3,000 hours of professional assistance.

Our employees are the key to our success. We invest in their development and create a working environment where they feel comfortable. As regular exercise is one of the keys to health, I am pleased that we have been able to get our firm moving. We regularly organise runs with a coach, participate in the Prague Relay and hold a charity race for company teams called the Extra Mile, whose proceeds we this year donated to young Ukrainian refugee athletes.

I thank all my colleagues for their commitment and our clients for their trust.