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Our work for clients is very diverse and so are our teams. But all employees are united by our firm's values and our focus on quality. Integrity, ethical conduct, and transparency are among the cornerstones of our business. We lead by example and help to bring greater transparency to our clients. 

Engagement work principles


Helping Czech entrepreneurship succeed

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We are partners for global corporations as well as local businesses and NGOs and non-profit organisations.

We actively seek collaboration with start-ups and smaller companies that offer interesting technologies, e.g., in the fintech sector or advanced data analytics.

We develop sustainability consulting and together with our clients contribute to the further development of society. We are building a more sustainable future with the KPMG IMPACT network. 

We are members of more than 30 professional and trade organisations and participate in expert and working groups. As an example, we mention that we belong to the Business for Society Alliance which focuses on spreading the principles of CSR and sustainable business in the Czech Republic. In 2021, we joined the Czech Green Building Council, which brings together companies that support new construction and renovation based on sustainability principles.

Passing on our know-how

Our expert teams regularly discuss the trends, needs, and challenges facing the market. We pass on our knowledge to the professional public in studies, conferences, and professional meetings.

The latest in finance, tax, accounting, legislation, and law is summarised monthly in our free Tax and Legal Update, which several thousand subscribers receive in their email inboxes every month. Every year we also publish a customer experience study and a ranking of the 100 best customer experiences in the Czech Republic. In 2022, we called this study Dokonalá souhra (perfect harmony) and pointed out that companies use a multitude of systems, processes, and channels that need to be connected so that the customers may handle everything seam- and effortlessly.

Monitoring customer satisfaction

Client satisfaction is key to us; thus, we continuously aim to improve our services. Recently, we introduced Client Insights, a new approach to customer satisfaction management. Through Client Insights, we get feedback from clients on our work. Applying both engagement and collaboration evaluation tools, KPMG partners personally gather clients' impressions. Their feedback helps us improve and remain the Clear Choice for our clients. Building long-term relationships based on mutual trust is one of the pillars of KPMG's business strategy. 

KPMG Hotline and Code of Ethics

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All employees as well as any third party may make use of the KPMG Hotline to report issues or complain about unethical behaviour.

Our Code of Ethics lays down the firm’s corporate culture, as its values are vital for a successful and sustainable business.