Society has long been accustomed to ‘take, make, waste’ methods to production, but these practices are no longer sustainable. To face the challenges of a growing world population, climate change and resource scarcity, the world must change the way we consume — away from the linear, towards a more circular approach.

Businesses are turning towards a circular economy model to help manage regulatory requirements and generate sustainable growth opportunities that deliver ESG benefits. This creates greater efficiency and profitability, less waste, better innovation, and stronger relationships with stakeholders.

Collaboration is critical to the success of more circular ecosystems and KPMG’s global reach enables our professionals to advise clients as they shape and develop new circular strategies and business models. As businesses reimagine and reinvent their existing products, supply chain and services, our teams help integrate circularity through:

  • Circular strategy
  • Measurement and steering
  • Circular execution and delivery

Circular economy principles and programs are an engine to accelerate sustainability and for those who want to do well in the new economy, circularity is key to remain relevant and future-proof their business. Adopting a circular mindset is a core part of a company’s journey towards better ESG-performance — in a world where we can no longer afford to use up essential resources — requiring production models that work for generations to come.

This is more than reducing waste. This is adopting a circular mindset

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