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The internet is a wonderful source of information and communication that we use daily without really thinking about how it actually works. It’s easy to forget that everything you do online creates a permanent digital record visible to others —including online hackers and predators. ALL of your online activity — emails, texts, purchases, logins, social media posts and more — creates a ‘digital footprint’. The internet is not a private environment, so always keep this in mind when working on projects, communicating or entering personal information. Personal information can be accessed and stolen, so check privacy settings on devices to limit access and help maximize safety. And never share passwords or private details like full names, phone numbers or addresses. Here are tips for parents to share and discuss with children.

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Keeping kids safe and happy on the internet is up to all of us — parents, guardians, teachers and students. Ongoing communication is key. Encourage children to develop good online habits and to share their thoughts and feelings about everything they’re seeing and hearing online. Keep kids aware of privacy and security threats and stay involved every day to help monitor and manage activity. Read on for additional information we’ve developed on smart internet use.

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