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Young people are using a growing array of social media platforms every day, which makes it important to follow best practices that foster smart habits for safe and productive online interactions. It’s crucial for parents, guardians, teachers and students to stay informed and proactive on both the benefits and potential threats that social media activity presents today. Protecting kids and teens from trolls, cyberbullies, ‘fake’ friends and online scams requires parents to be involved daily to help ensure privacy, security and positive social media activity. Here’s a brief guide for success on social media!

Social media do's graphic
Social media Don'ts graphic

Protecting identities and passwords — while remaining aware and cautious about social media ‘threats’ — is integral to safe and happy social media activity. Understanding the difference between what’s private and what’s public for anyone to view online is crucial as internet activity leaves a permanent trail that represents your ‘digital footprint’. Keep safety, security and smart social media habits top of mind at all times. Read on for additional related content that parents and guardians can review together with their children to help keep them safe and happy while interacting online.

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