2023 Transparency Report


People are what matter most in our Firm

Maria Karantoni, Head of People

The world around us is constantly evolving, presenting both challenges and opportunities. The distinctive aspect of KPMG lies in our Values as they guide our day-to-day behaviors, how we act, the decisions we make, as well as how we collaborate with each other, our clients and all our stakeholders. With our people at the heart of everything we do, we are not only able to achieve our objectives, but also create a thriving and sustainable future for all. We are committed to embracing an inclusive culture, drawing strength from our differences, and working together to bring our purpose to life: to inspire confidence and empower change. Our firm’s success is deeply rooted in the talent and dedication of our people, and we remain committed to their wellbeing and success.

Maria Karantoni, Head of People

The key to our success lies in our own people

In this ever-changing environment, where we live and work, we are proud to see our talented people making meaningful and positive difference for our clients and the communities we serve.

At KPMG, retaining talent is a top priority as the talent market gets increasingly competitive and demanding. With Excellence being one of our values, we encourage our people to never stop learning and deliver quality work to the highest professional standards by creating a support system that embraces the expertise, skills, and uniqueness of our people in conjunction with providing them with all the necessary resources, tools and support they need. We are proud to see that the coaching sessions offered by our own trained professionals were embraced by our people to unlock their full potential and achieve success in their personal and professional lives.

At the same time, our wellbeing program has proven to be instrumental in the retention of our people and to “be and perform at their best” while balancing their act between personal and professional life. We are shaping our future together as we listen and recognize our people’s needs which may vary depending on personal circumstances, commitments, or preferences. Some of the key offerings of our wellbeing program are flexible working arrangements such as reduced working hours, flexible working hours, Flex Fridays and reduced working hours for July and August, parent scheme and more. Embracing the future of work, we are always open to adopt fresh and innovative practices that equally benefit our people and the firm. As a result, we have adopted the hybrid working model as a response to supporting better work/life integration. Together, we can change things For Better and create a future that we all want. This is the reason why we are staying focused on our wellbeing strategy acknowledging that this is not a one-time task but an ongoing process.

Shaping a better future together

Looking back at the long history and success of our firm, we are proud to note that what makes a difference is the quality of our people. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to build a culture that rewards high performance and nurtures talent. But no matter how many awards we may win for the quality of our work, or the number of projects we deliver to clients, our people keep in mind what’s important: inspiring confidence in the market and enabling positive change in society. We aim to recruit people that fit into our culture and utilising the support we offer they can develop their talents and flourish within KPMG. The lifelong learning opportunities as well as the experience that people can gain due to the vast variety of high-value clients we serve, are amongst our top competitive advantages. Our efforts and actions focus on creating an inclusive environment where our people come as they are, respect each other and value the differences between colleagues, build strong positive relationships, grow their way, and reward them for the impact they make and the success they create with others.

Our new career path and talent management program helps our people to adopt a growth mindset, have open and transparent two-way communication as well as provide and receive ongoing constructive feedback, with an aim to reach their full potential. Delivering impact, seeking growth and inspiring trust are at the heart of our Open Performance Development. Our promise is to continue working together with our people to make KPMG the Clear Choice!

New graduates: 59%

of new hires

Millennials and Generation Z: 78%
New hires for 2023:







Central Services:

Nationalities (excluding Cypriot): 15
Newly Qualified in 2023: 34
Female: 58% Male: 42%
Promoted people in 2023: 230
% Of women in Managerial positions 50%

Principal & Senior Manager

Summer interns: 70
PA/UCY interns: 22

* numbers for calendar year 2023

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