2023 Transparency Report


Delivering for our clients

In today’s volatile and highly competitive business landscape, organisations are forced to enter into a transformation process embracing innovation and digital expansion, while abandoning traditional approaches. In addition, increased compliance requirements require control procedures and systems to be utilised in order to closely monitor and improve the quality of services offered. KPMG in Cyprus offers tailored and sustainable solutions that help to solve our clients’ biggest challenges.

One of the major profession catalysts that cannot be ignored is technology, which has disrupted the form with which services are offered to clients. Technology sits at the forefront of these developments and has a key role in our efforts to enhance our service offering. The introduction of technology will definitely increase the efficiency and quality of professional services offered to businesses and the society in general.

KPMG’s goal is to support its clients achieve their business objectives through close collaboration and quality of service, always aiming to satisfy their needs and cater for their concerns.

KPMG succeeds by relying on its people and their competencies. Sustaining and enhancing the quality of this professional workforce is KPMG's primary objective.

Our Values

Our Values guide our behaviors day-to-day, informing how we act, the decisions we make, and how we work with each other, our clients, companies that we audit, and all our stakeholders. Our values are:

Integrity: We do what is right.
Excellence: We never stop learning and improving.
Courage: We think and act boldly.
Together: We respect each other and draw strength from our differences.
For Better: We do what matters.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme forms an integral part of the corporate philosophy and culture of KPMG. Aiming to materialise our values in practice, we work to create a positive impact for our people and our communities at large, by implementing specific CSR initiatives. One of our main values is for better. For better means we do what matters, taking a long-term view, even in our day-to-day choices, because we want to build a stronger KPMG for the future. Commitment to our communities is fundamental to our values. The CSR framework is to inspire, challenge and empower our people to make a positive contribution to local communities. This means we strongly believe in behaving ethically, safeguarding the environment and building positive links with the communities around us.

Our CSR framework is aligned with KPMG International’s values and quality standards and is based on integrated strategic planning, which combines the current economic and business development with specific CSR initiatives. During 2023 we processed 24 donations to approved institutions and implemented 32 main CSR initiatives. Read more information on our most important initiatives, which are categorised in four different focus areas: education, health, environment and social inclusion.