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Client A global leading provider of products and services for people with chronic kidney failure
Sector Healthcare
Project Procurement transformation

Client challenge

  • A procurement cost saving initiative with the client across 40 countries was supported by KPMG.
  • In the next step, client aimed to implement a new Target Operating Model in the Asia Pacific region which will enable the organisation to build on the previous procurement success through a sustainable model.

Target Operating Model Design

Target Operating Model Design

Key activities

  • Defined the Procurement vision, mission and strategy.
  • Implement procurement organisations across the 14 countries which are supported by the regional team.
  • Investigated the current status of existing procurement processes and designed the new operating model, incl. new standardised processes, appointment of procurement teams, category strategy approach, and a regional organisational structure.
  • Conducted operational transformation and change management to achieve a successful and sustainable implementation of the new regional organisation.
  • Enable People:
    • Enable local and regional buyers to fulfil new roles and scope through training programs.
    • Ensure sustainable development and qualification of resources and fast-paced ramp up of the SRM system support.
    • Development of skills across the entire procurement from defining strategies, executing tactical activities and supporting the business in complying with the operational requirements.
change management


  • Best in class procurement organisation implemented.
  • End to end procurement process: strategic, tactical and operational processes are implemented across 14 Asia Pacific countries.
  • Buyers and organisation has been aligned, trained and coached to adapt to the new organisation structure, processes and tools.

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