Driving purposeful business practices and good corporate citizenship

Our commitments

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Purposeful business

  • Always act with a clear purpose
  • Lead the profession in audit quality
  • Drive a responsible tax practice
  • Contribute to the economic development of China
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Education and communities

  • Support the communities in which we operate

Purposeful business

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Always act with a clear purpose

Our ambition is to be the most trusted and trustworthy professional services firm. To achieve this, we lead with commitment, passion and determination according to our purpose, values and vision, which define, unite and guide us. These elements inspire confidence and empower change – individually, collectively in our China firm and together as a global organisation.

We act with integrity and strive to build and fortify an ethical workplace. We deliver quality, ensuring we continue to improve our services and serve the public interest. We build trust, communicating openly and transparently with our people, our clients and the public. We carry out our environmental and social responsibilities, contributing towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are aware of the importance of our role in our communities and the broader impact of our decisions on society, where we aim to make a difference in meaningful ways.

Our values

Lead the profession in audit quality

Striving for the highest level of quality is at the core of everything we do. We have a simple but bold ambition: to become the most trusted and trustworthy professional services organisation. Everyone at KPMG China has an important role to play in delivering quality to our key stakeholders and recognising the critical role and purpose in building public trust. Through our quality control system and policies that guide all aspects of our work, we are confident that our commitment to quality can make our firm the standard for trust in our profession and give the investing public confidence to make key decisions.

KPMG China, together with all other member firms, follows the Global Quality Framework which outlines how every partner and employee contributes to delivering high-quality audits. This framework helps us deliver higher audit quality, consistency and accountability across KPMG's global network. In turn, this gives greater confidence to our clients and the investing public.

Drive a responsible tax practice

Our tax services are based on our principles for responsible tax practice, which are consistent with our values and Code of Conduct. We act lawfully and with integrity and expect the same from our people, our firms' clients, tax authorities and other parties with whom we interact. Above all else, all aspects of our work shall be fully compliant with relevant legal, regulatory and professional requirements. We are committed to providing clients with high-quality tax advice tailored to their particular circumstances. Read the full Principles for a Responsible Tax Practice.

Andrew Weir

“It is vital to understand the importance of ESG, which is now clearly a major strategic imperative that all companies should consider. I believe ESG should be integrated into every business's corporate agenda and boardroom discussions. Leading by example, KPMG should be a change agent to drive progress for ESG both within our firm and in the marketplace, and we must strive to make our impact more prominent and visible.”

Andrew Weir
Senior Partner, Hong Kong
KPMG China

Delivering ESG solutions to our clients

At KPMG China, we support our clients to fulfill their purpose and help them deliver on the UN Sustainable Development Goals through our ESG services, which focus on these six categories:

ESG reporting

  • ESG reporting and measurement

ESG assurance

  • ESG assurance

ESG transformation

  • Climate change & sustainability
  • Sustainable finance
  • ESG in deals
  • Economic and social development

Providing ESG training for our staff

To help our people stay abreast of the changes and compliance needs in relation to ESG, we have provided a series of e-learning modules which equip them with general ESG knowledge as well as topic-specific knowledge such as climate-related risks and ESG-related assurance. We also provide training throughout the year on different ESG topics for our clients, from working level staff to C-suite executives and board members.

Wei Lin

“ESG attracts a lot of attention because of the long-term business and social value it creates for companies. At KPMG, we want ESG to be strategically positioned and act as a multi-functional collaboration to build trust and accelerate growth, so we work very hard to cascade an ESG mindset in all our people, service lines and policies. Ultimately, we hope to become a leader in the ESG market and be branded as a socially responsible firm.”

Wei Lin
Partner, Head of Environmental, Social and Governance
KPMG China

Building a resilient, sustainable business

At KPMG China, we take a prudent, long-term approach to managing our finances, avoiding unnecessary financial risks and speculation. Financial growth is key to our success and long-term sustainability. The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that while some changes are inevitable, the existence of a business depends on its resilience.

As an organisation with over 13,000 people, we understand how important and closely connected our business is to the livelihoods of our people as well as their family members. By creating jobs and exchanging knowledge, we also support economic growth and foster prosperity in the country.

Contribute to the economic development of China

We are committed to supporting economic development in China by bringing our professional services and insights to local businesses and empowering the capabilities of local talent.

Supporting national initiatives for a prosperous future

KPMG China strives to deliver high-quality services to enterprises to contribute to the country's long-term development and prosperity. In addition, we support rural revitalisation by rebuilding Hope Schools in rural China to improve the learning environment for students. We shared our financial knowledge with microfinance organisations to enhance their efficiency in processing microfinance cases for rural farmers. Moreover, our climate initiatives and nature conservation programmes support China’s national carbon neutrality goals.

Fostering our relationship with the government to drive prosperity

Maintaining collaborative relationships with local governments in different cities and provinces in China helps us to better understand the market landscape and capture business opportunities. More importantly, it allows us to create long-term shared value for the communities in which we operate.

Expanding our footprint to empower people and create jobs

In FY2021, we continued to expand our footprint in mainland China, opening two new offices in Hefei and Shenzhen (Qianhai). The opening of our office in Qianhai, Shenzhen also symbolises our full support for China's 14th Five-Year Plan (14th FYP), which has a strong focus on promoting the development of the GBA. As at 31 March 2022, three more offices had been established in Taiyuan, Dongguan and Dalian.

Empowering enterprises by sharing insights on national policies

KPMG China released reports on the sector impact outlook and the macro trends and opportunities in relation to the 14th FYP, providing insights and analysis on key trends for businesses across different sectors.

Ricky Wong

“We are keeping abreast of the government’s latest policies and perspectives for delivery of better ESG services to our clients, as well as integrating ESG considerations into our business operations. This enables us to support the country’s sustainable development strategy and to enhance the impact of KPMG in the ESG space.”

Ricky Wong
Senior Partner, Southern region
KPMG China

Fostering innovation through our expertise

To help our clients navigate and stay competitive in the market, KPMG China supports companies along their digital transformation journey, helping them recover from the crisis, accelerate growth, build resilience and ultimately create long-term shared value.

KPMG China introduced the Digital Symphony concept, which symbolises the synergy of the comprehensive digital transformation services we bring to our clients.

  • Lighthouse
    KPMG's Lighthouse, our centre of excellence for data, analytics and artificial intelligence, combines the latest data-driven technologies and capabilities with our deep-rooted domain and sector expertise. It helps organisations gain deeper insights from their data assets, make informed decisions
  • KPMG Digital Ignition Centre (KDi)
    The KPMG Digital Ignition Centre (KDi), the firm’s R&D and delivery centre, helps drive innovation and digital transformation for the firm’s business and our clients.
  • China Alliance Strategy
    KPMG has forged a network of alliances with leading global and national technology companies such as Microsoft, IBM China, Tencent, Kingdee, Laiye and more. By establishing trusted and collaborative relationships with these alliance partners, we aim to build an ecosystem of technology that accelerates growth and drives innovation for both our firm and clients.

KPMG Digital Ignition Centre

KPMG Digital Ignition Centre

Reynold Liu

“To meet market demand and help clients solve challenges in the digital age, our people work with our business partners to apply big data, cloud computing, blockchain and artificial intelligence capabilities in different industries. We seek to integrate ESG into the core of our business, while assisting our clients in digital transformation so that they can enhance their economic efficiency and responsiveness to social and environmental issues.”

Reynold Liu
Partner, Head of Technology and Innovation
Head of Management Consulting
KPMG China

Education and communities

Education and communities section image

Support the communities in which we operate

Become a responsible corporate citizen

At KPMG China, we have a moral obligation to do well as well as do good. Nurturing a culture of giving helps us better resonate with our stakeholders, but more importantly, it gives us the social licence to operate and gain public trust in society in the long run.

As a keen supporter of the SDGs, we have developed impactful corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in partnership with different NPOs. Throughout the years, we have shared our knowledge, expertise as well as financial resources to support the communities in which we operate. With all these efforts, we hope to contribute towards common prosperity, which can improve the social mobility of the underserved population.

KPMG Foundation

Officially established in 2008 as a charitable entity, the foundation oversees the partnership’s contributions and strategic allocation of funds to support our firm’s CSR goals and areas of focus through structured and organised giving. Its mission is to engage our employees, alumni and stakeholders in the community to effect systemic change regarding environmental and social issues. A board of directors oversees the foundation, which meets on a regular basis to review grant proposals, select grantees and manage the partnership’s contributions. The board strategically allocates funds in accordance with the firm’s four CSR pillars.

Our community investment performance in FY21

Invested the equivalent of

RMB 24 million

in our community

KPMG Foundation donated

RMB 80 million

since 2008

(of which RMB 14 million was contributed by our own people)

Volunteer hours




Pro bono audit services hours

Jacky Zou

“When making donations or supporting charity projects, we focus on the real needs of our local communities. By remaining community- and people focused, we help address some of the most pressing environmental and social issues, and create lasting value for society.”

Jacky Zou
Senior Partner, KPMG Huazhen LLP
Senior Partner, Northern Region, KPMG China
Chairman, KPMG Foundation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In line with our core values ‘For Better’ and ‘Together’, our CSR focuses cover four key pillars – Advancing Sustainability, Lifelong Learning, Promoting Inclusive Development, and Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (IDE). These give us a clear direction for how we can work together to address some of the most urgent environmental and social issues, creating a better future for our communities.

Lifelong Learning

In support of SDG 4 Quality Education, we promote lifelong learning and equal learning opportunities to help unlock potential and cultivate future leaders. It is also extremely critical in helping the underserved population improve their social mobility.

Kindergarten students: Providing early childhood education

We have collaborated with the Society for Community Organization (SoCO) since 2003 to help the underprivileged in Hong Kong. The We Will Fly II programme, which launched in 2017, aims to build an English foundation in early childhood, benefitting over 100 students from low-income families.

Primary students: Providing access to basic education

To support rural revitalisation, we have rebuilt four Hope Schools in Yunnan and Gansu provinces since 2010 and are supporting the construction of our fifth Hope School in Jiangxi province. Besides upgrading educational facilities to ensure quality and effective learning, we offer voluntary teaching through annual mission trips. Over 1,200 students are currently studying in these schools. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we pivoted our voluntary school missions to a virtual platform, benefitting over 200 students in 2021.

Providing access to basic education

Providing access to basic education

Secondary students: Advancing comprehensive future-ready skills for young people

Building financial capabilities

Financial literacy has a positive impact on youngsters. To improve their financial understanding the KPMG Foundation has funded personal finance programmes organised by Junior Achievement (JA) since 2019, benefiting over 2,000 secondary students and students from vocational schools in Hong Kong and mainland China. In 2021, our volunteers shared their knowledge on saving, budgeting and investment methods, etc. with 1,356 students.

Building financial capabilities

Building financial capabilities

University students: Empowering future-ready young leaders

Developing social innovation skills

Social innovation skills are critical to turn youngsters into future entrepreneurial leaders who can navigate change and develop community solutions. Since 2004, the KPMG Foundation has funded university students through Shanghai Yiyou Youth Service Center (Yiyou) and Enactus Hong Kong to develop social innovation projects and take part in regional and national competitions. To date, over 460 of our staff have volunteered in this initiative, helping 780 university students through Yiyou in 2021 alone.

Developing social innovation skills

Promoting inclusive development through capacity building

We utilise our core competencies and professional skills to improve the accountability, transparency and operational excellence at non-profit organisations.

Pro bono services

We utilise our people’s professional knowledge to create a positive impact for our communities. Nearly 11,000 hours of pro bono audit and advisory services were provided to charities and non-profit organisations in 2021, improving their credibility and performance in financial aspects. This in turn helps increase donors' and the public's confidence.

Nearly 11,000 hours of pro bono audit services

Capability building for NPOs and social enterprises

Since 2016, we have supported Chongho Bridge, which is an integrated service organisation dedicated to serving small-scale customers in rural areas by providing loans, assistance with farming practices and more. It helps low-to middle-income groups and business operators in rural villages improve their livelihood, and fosters rural revitalisation and common prosperity. We hold annual capacity-building workshops to help improve the organisation's professional financial capabilities, assisting their staff to better deliver microfinance services for people in need.

Fostering inclusion, diversity and equity (IDE) in the community

Our IDE community programmes not only focus on empowering and promoting the social and economic inclusion of people in our communities, but we also seek to align our four IDE focus areas – gender, generations, skills and embracing differences.

Promoting STEM education for girls

To promote gender equality in the STEM industry, we launched the 'STEM is HER Future' programme with Yiyou in 2021 to empower female students. Nearly 1,600 female university students across China were equipped with vocational skills on data analytics, AI and programming by our volunteers, who also evaluated their assignments.

Promoting STEM education for girls

Helping migrant youth better integrate into their communities

The KPMG Foundation has supported the growth workshops organised by Guangzhou’s Qi Chuang Social Work Service Centre since 2012, benefiting 2,787 migrant junior secondary students. Through experiential learning, the workshops allow students to better understand life planning and personal growth. The skills taught also help participants improve their integration into their communities.

Improving Hong Kong domestic helpers' financial literacy

We have held financial literacy workshops with Enrich since 2018 to promote the economic empowerment of domestic workers in Hong Kong. As at 30 September 2021, our people had volunteered as speakers and facilitators at 34 sessions, covering 1,941 participants, sharing insights and tips on various topics such as avoiding financial scams and reducing negligence.

Emergency relief

Over the years, the KPMG Foundation has made donations to support various emergency relief efforts for natural disasters or critical situations around the globe to address local needs.

COVID-19 relief efforts

Following our support for COVID-19 relief efforts in China in 2020, we also responded to the COVID-19 outbreak in India in 2021. KPMG Foundation donated 400 oximeters, 2,000 thermometers, 500 thermometer scanners and other much-needed medical equipment to KPMG India to safeguard people’s health. In 2022, we also supported COVID-19 relief work in different cities in China, such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Flood disaster in Henan and Shanxi provinces, China

In 2021, both Henan and Shanxi provinces were hit by extremely heavy rainfall, which caused flooding in Zhengzhou and many other places. KPMG China responded swiftly by donating a total of RMB 1.2 million to the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation to support post-disaster relief such as the rebuilding of six bridges in flood-affected areas.

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