Digital City Monitor by ZHAW & KPMG

Based on the websites of 171 Swiss cities and municipalities, the Digital City Monitor surveys the status of the digital transformation.

The Digital City Monitor looks at the websites of 171 Swiss cities.

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Public services are now increasingly being offered digitally. A key aspect of digital government is the access to these digital services through the cities’ websites.

For this reason, the Institute of Public Management at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) has developed the "Digital City Monitor Switzerland" in collaboration with KPMG Switzerland. It explores the current level of digital transformation in Swiss cities. It specifically examines the websites of 171 Swiss cities and urban municipalities, providing a rating for each city and urban municipality.

Learn more about your city's strengths and weaknesses in a nationwide comparison so you can take targeted measures where needed.

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Our results

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Increased importance of the web presence

We show you why websites function as central hubs for all queries by the public, and how cities and municipalities are succeeding in implementing the digitalization.

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From small to big

Discover why smaller cities and municipalities are also present among the top performers and how it is possible for them, too, to have a high-quality and comprehensive web presence.

Your key contacts

The government experts from KPMG and ZHAW will support you in the digital transformation of your city. Are you interested in establishing or optimizing a modern and technologically advanced external presence? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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