Generative AI is rapidly becoming integrated into many facets of our daily lives, from our personal smartphones, interactions with our favourite brands, to the enterprise software systems businesses rely on. For Canadian workers using generative AI at work, there are noticeably higher levels of productivity and work quality. Canadian organizations and workers alike are seeing an opportunity to explore generative AI use cases to help drive innovative solutions for the future.

While generative AI brings essential insights and solutions, its risks are not always fully understood by its users let alone accounted for by many businesses. Failure to address risks can have far-reaching consequences, including litigation, compliance violations, reputational damage, cyber security threats, privacy violations, and intellectual property theft.

KPMG Trusted AI is our strategic approach and framework to designing, building, deploying, and using AI solutions in a responsible and ethical manner so we can accelerate value with confidence.

Our Trusted AI approach prioritizes regulatory and ethical standards and frameworks at every stage of AI implementation through design, development, and deployment. This approach is led by the expertise of professionals skilled in risk management and AI technology, and KPMG in Canada’s strong network of alliances with leading AI solution providers.

That’s KPMG Trusted AI.

Our Trusted AI services

Assess where you are in your Trusted AI journey and create a strategic roadmap to safely maximize your organization’s AI potential in accordance with established and emerging professional, legal, regulatory, and ethical guidelines.

Review, establish and monitor governance frameworks, operating models, policies, and practices to support Trusted AI.

Test, examine evidence, and report on risk management processes, controls, and claims regarding the responsible use of AI technologies.

Build AI risk management and security plans, processes and tools to detect, respond to and recover from cyber intrusions, privacy risks, software risks and adversarial attacks.

Establish robust risk management process, controls, and technologies to integrate Trusted AI into your end-to-end AI model management.

Our eight core principles guide our approach to trusted AI across the AI/machine learning lifecycle:

  1. Fairness: Ensure models are free from bias and equitable.
  2. Explainability: Ensure AI can be understood, documented, and open for review.
  3. Accountability: Ensure mechanisms are in place to drive responsibility across the lifecycle.
  4. Security: Safeguard against unauthorized access, corruption, or attacks.
  5. Privacy: Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and consumer data usage.
  6. Safety: Ensure AI does not negatively impact humans, property, and environment.
  7. Data integrity: Ensure data quality, governance, and enrichment steps embed trust.
  8. Reliability: Ensure AI systems perform at the desired level of precision and consistency.
Circular diagram showing KPMG's 8 core principals for trusted AI across the AI/machine learning journey.

A KPMG AI advantage you can have full confidence in

  • As a worldwide leader in Artificial Intelligence, we have developed a suite of AI capabilities to help our clients integrate the technology seamlessly into their systems and organization.
  • Our extensive experience and understanding of the environmental, social, governance, and risk mitigation aspects of digital transformation, supports our industry recognized approach.
  • Our network of strategic alliances allows us to work with our clients to offer highly customized and advanced AI solutions from trailblazers in the space.
  • KPMG creates tailored data-driven solutions that help you deliver value, drive innovation, and build stakeholder trust.

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