When looking to sell your business or transition your business to the next generation, a detailed plan and understanding of the process is key. The sale of your business is a once-in-a-lifetime transaction, with just one opportunity to get it right. You’ve worked hard to build your business over the years, so let us work hard to help ensure the succession and sale process is a seamless experience for you.

A recent survey of small and medium sized Canadian companies found that:


46% don’t know what their business is worth


37% wish they could retire, exit or sell the business, but aren’t prepared to do so

KPMG in Canada surveyed 500 small and medium sized companies from Sept 17 - 24, 2020 through AskingCanadians

Our team of professionals in Edmonton have experience helping clients sell and transition their business. Based on their experience, they’ve found the following considerations key for someone looking to make ownership changes to their business:

If someone were to approach you about buying your business tomorrow, are you in a position to sell?

  • Has the business recently been valued by a professional? Are there actions to take to increase the value or attractiveness to a buyer?
  • How are your assets structured and do they allow for easy separation or division if needed?
  • What does the governance structure of the business look like and does it allow for decision making to be made efficiently or does it require approval from other shareholders or board members?
  • What is your ownership structure and does it allow you to maximize value and minimize tax following the sale of the business? Are you aware of the opportunity to multiply the capital gains exemption?
  • Do you know how to navigate the complexities of the transaction process? From due diligence management to facilitating conversations with key stakeholders, this is often “a first” for business owners and their finance team.
  • What are your plans following the sale of the business? Have you planned how to redeploy the capital from the sale of the business and how will this affect your estate plan?
  • How well does the next generation understand the business and the opportunities that may exist in terms of roles, whether in operations or as the new owner? Is there a knowledge gap between the generations when it comes to understanding the business?
  • Is the rest of the family aligned with the succession plan and is your successor prepared to take on their new role?
  • What does the succession mean in terms of the family dynamics and the impacts on the estate plan? Do you have an ownership and governance structure that is consistent with the family’s attitude towards trans-generational ownership?
  • What is the role for non-family employees to support the succession? Are key employees a part of the ownership succession plan?
  • Is the succession of the business structured to be tax efficient and provide cash flow to the founders?
  • Selling your business
  • Succession planning
  • Due diligence
  • Corporate and personal tax
  • Estate planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Family business governance
  • Exit strategies

Our professionals have experience helping business owners just like you

If you’re a business owner in Edmonton or northern Alberta who is thinking about selling or transitioning your business to new owners, we have a robust team of advisers who can help. Let us take the time to discuss and explain your options and guide you through the process. Remember, taking the time to build a succession plan today can help you realize the full value of your business tomorrow.

Our professionals work with private companies every day and can help you understand your options when it comes time to exit the company. Complete this form and a KPMG adviser will contact you to discuss your exit strategy.

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