In this webcast, our panel of subject matter experts along with KPMG’s BLC Chair, commenced with an overview of the revised Global Internal Audit (IA) Standards released on 9 January 2024. They covered what the key differences and implications of the new standards are for the IA function and the organization and how it all pertains to the board.

With the new regulations of “Foresight, Insight, Advice”, the IA function takes on a significant role regarding the organization’s strategy and monitoring its successful implementation, in addition to IA’s existing duties of compliance and being one of the organization’s lines of defence.

The panelists presented key takeaways for boards and management to effectively utilize their IA function in managing emerging risks such as ESG and Artificial Intelligence etc., as well as in supporting the board discharge its governance mandate.

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Note: This video webcast was presented in English only.

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