As businesses expand and look to shore up recovery in the post-pandemic world, there is increasing pressure for organizations seeking to get the right people in the right places at the right time, and in compliance with the requirements of any given jurisdiction. Strategic alliances are central to our goal of helping clients achieve a sustainable competitive advantage and are a response to growing client demand for a technology-powered, globally unified approach to business challenges.

Our powered alliances can equip your organization with the right technology solutions to address your toughest business needs. Together with our strategic alliance partners our teams can deliver:

  • Broad-ranging services and solutions via expanded product offerings and increased capabilities
  • Innovative and scalable services and solutions built with the latest technology
  • Strong ROI to help maximize the value of your technology investments
  • Services and solutions, you can trust from a technology, risk, compliance, and security perspective



KPMG Powered Enterprise enabled by Coupa

Ask a Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) about the state of their inbox, and they’ll tell you it’s bulging with big questions. How can procurement help unlock transformation? How do you move away from a mix of models and processes? Is it possible to drive value with richer spend analytics?

Executed properly, procurement can become a competitive advantage. That’s why CPOs are turning to organizations like KPMG and Coupa. Together, we can modernize your procurement function with streamlined processes, enhanced oversight, reduced risk, access to data for more accurate decisions, greater visibility into spend, and rapid adoption, giving CPOs visibility and control over the different ways spend happens – procurement, expenses and accounts payable.

Powered solutions enabled by Coupa



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KPMG Powered Enterprise enabled by Ivalua

With 67% of CEOs rethinking their global supply chain approach, it’s clear that KPMG and Ivalua’s outcome-driven approach could play a key role in preparing your procurement department for the future. Our mix of experience, business insights and industry knowledge can help make this change happen more smoothly.

Combining KPMG experience with Ivalua’s market leading Source-to-Pay cloud solutions can actively contribute to accelerated levels of innovation across the procurement function.

Together, KPMG and Ivalua can help your business standardize and automate procurement processes, while providing a single source of procurement analytics, so you can keep on top of what is happening where and act on real-time information to deliver value back to the business.

Powered solutions enabled by Ivalua



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KPMG Powered Enterprise enabled by Microsoft

Microsoft cloud solutions for the front, middle and back office are designed to help make organizations more productive.

New, innovative integrated solutions and advanced technologies mean the potential of transformational benefits increase every day. KPMG and Microsoft combine advanced technologies, industry insight, creative thinking, and established excellence in managing complex global business issues to help transform your company in the areas most critical to your prosperity and ongoing sustainable success.

As you embark on your digital transformation journey, you can rely on the KPMG Powered Enterprise approach to deliver effective Microsoft technology-based solutions to help you achieve the right business outcomes for your organization.

Powered solutions enabled by Microsoft



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KPMG Powered Enterprise enabled by Sailpoint

Properly-governed control of employee access to company systems is essential to every organization for a number of reasons; to keep business and customer information safe, to maintain an acceptable risk posture, to meet privacy and security regulatory compliance, and to reduce audit items as well as to uplift the staff user experience.

Powered Enterprise | Cyber, enabled by SailPoint, is designed to help locate the sweet spot between protecting data yet making it accessible enough to support business growth. Our teams can work with you to build a customized cyber strategy.

Tangible results are delivered quickly via risk-aware compliance management, closed loop user lifecycle management, flexible provisioning, an integrated governance model, and identity intelligence.

Combining KPMG’s experience and SailPoint’s technology in helping organizations transform identity management can help increase efficiencies, drive down costs, enhance the customer experience and expand revenue opportunities.

Powered solutions enabled by Sailpoint



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KPMG Powered Enterprise enabled by ServiceNow

KPMG and ServiceNow work together to deliver digital solutions to modernize and consolidate your service management processes to help unlock productivity, increase efficiency and lower costs, while ensuring the flexibility needed to meet the evolving needs of your modern-day business.

Companies in every industry around the world today are grappling with complex challenges surrounding their IT service management.

KPMG professionals ― along with ServiceNow ― can help you consolidate, automate, and modernize your service management processes, raising efficiency and lowering costs within your processes and infrastructure.

Organizations that use KPMG Powered Enterprise enabled by ServiceNow can expect lower risk, higher value, and a thorough implementation that aligns how employees interact with internal organizations. Our combined decades of business, technology, industry, and ServiceNow know how are helping organizations transform all over the world.

Powered solutions enabled by ServiceNow