KPMG's Operational Excellence approach

Operational Excellence applies a variety of principles, systems, and tools that help toward the sustainable improvement of key performance metrics.

Operational Excellence is based on continuous improvement methodologies, such as Lean Thinking, Six Sigma and Scientific Management.

Its approach goes beyond the traditional event-based model of improvement, towards a long-term change in organisational culture.

Our Operational Excellence approach is comprised of:

Operational Design

The design of detailed processes to increase efficiency, quality and control standards that meet performance requirements.

Operational Management

Defining the management structure, routines and behaviours that drive performance and continuous improvement.

Operational Improvement

Eliminating waste from processes and embedding the capability to drive continuous improvement post-transformation.

Procurement Advisory

With cost efficiency vital in today’s competitive business environment, focusing on procurement procedures is essential.

We combine our deep insights and global perspectives to help transform how they source and manage their supply base.

Strategic sourcing and procurement helps to deliver enhanced supplier relationships, savings, improved compliance to contracts, and efficient and effective source-to-pay processes.

Our approach supports both full-scale procurement transformations and targeted improvements.

We help address:

  • Limited visibility of enterprise spend and maverick buying
  • Lack of a formal supplier management program
  • Manual sourcing and purchasing processes 
  • Controls not consistently applied and un-rationalised supply base
  • Ineffective use of technology tools
  • Re-skilling for strategic procurement challenges
  • Low quartile SG&A cost performance.

Supply Chain Advisory

Supply chain improvements are a key focus for companies looking to improve financial results through cost reductions, gross margin enhancement and working capital velocity. Companies must do this in an ever-changing technological, economic and regulatory landscape.

  • enhancing the customer experience
  • minimising operating expenses
  • promoting sustainability and reducing working capital
  • leveraging fixed capital investments
  • driving product and service innovation
  • protecting the brand.

We can assist with the processes, technology and skillsets essential to building a competitive advantage through:

  • manufacturing operations
  • integrated business planning
  • supply chain and operations strategy
  • logistics management and network optimisation
  • product costing, tax efficient supply chain management and transfer pricing
  • change management, supply chain technology enablement and transformation.

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