Organizations are operating in a rapidly changing world, presenting new challenges for businesses and requiring organisations to become more flexible and responsive. To successfully instil flexibility and responsiveness in an organization’s culture it must be continuously enhanced the way people are led, managed and developed.

Our People and Change teams focus on human capabilities and develop strategies to attract, develop, motivate and retain and manage the right people with the right skill sets and right experiences to deliver on goals of the organization.

How can KPMG help

Organisational Design for Performance

We can work with you to help you gain benefit from the design and implementation of structure, processes and supporting infrastructure, including governance, capabilities, systems and values to enable you to achieve and sustain your organisational strategy and vision.


Workforce Optimisation

We can work with you to analyse the current workforce supply, identify future workforce demand and help align workforces with business strategies to enable you to define and monitor workforce plans and bridge critical gaps.


HR Function Optimisation

Our HR Optimisation team helps create leading people functions by aligning HR and business strategy and putting the appropriate structure, capabilities and systems in place to enable HR to deliver value to the business.

Talent Management

We recognise that each organisation is unique, as is the mix of talent required to deliver your business strategy. We can work with you to recruit, develop and retain your talent so current and future needs of the business are met and strategy and targets are achieved.

Reputation Advisory

Our Reputation Advisory team can help your business go beyond public relations (PR), lobbying and philanthropy to create value, enhance reputation and minimise risk with key stakeholders and government.

Behavioural Change Management

Behavioural Change Management is an approach used to manage the people, process or system factors of change to achieve intended business outcomes. We can work with you to design and develop programs of activities emphasising effective leadership, sponsorship and individual ownership to build demand for change, generate improved business performance and mitigate risk resulting from an inability or reluctance to change.

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