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Combining nature with technology for a cleaner future

KPMG and Oracle are proud to collaborate with SailGP, a purpose-driven organisation that drives positive environmental change.

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Together, we’re making significant strides towards sustainability using data and AI technologies to measure the green energy output of SailGP.

The collective energy created from the SailGP global race generates a significant amount of clean energy. By using this clean energy, SailGP can reduce the league’s carbon emissions, leading to a positive impact on both their business and the environment.

KPMG and Oracle, proud sponsors of SailGP

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Unlock your sustainability power potential

Build a sustainable future for your business through environmentally sound technology solutions with KPMG and Oracle. KPMG is a Global Cloud Catalyst partner and a thought leader in the sustainability space. We know how to harness the power of Oracle’s tools to help you better understand your data, to draw insights from it, and to use it to describe and deliver on your sustainability objectives.

Driving meaningful cloud transformation

Embarking on a cloud transformation journey with KPMG and our alliance partner Oracle, delivers value, drives sustainable change, and accelerates innovation – across the front, middle and back-office.

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