Each year, KPMG Australia researchers utilise our close links to the country's leading miners to conduct a survey to reveal the risks that are top-of-mind for the mining sector.

The Australian Mining Risk Forecast has been vital in bringing valuable insights into one of our country’s most important industries for the last 9 years.

This year's survey of Australian mining executives is particularly interesting. So many risk factors will be considered relevant, and all are interconnected, but which one’s are top of mind ?

Outlining challenges and opportunities

ESG, Commodity Prices and People

Behind the risks in this report sits a backdrop of general global uncertainty, accentuated by the situation in Eastern Europe, but underpinned by broader geopolitical tensions, environmental concerns, and political instability. The 2022/23 Mining Risk Outlook finds that:

After tumultuous times, the industry is on the brink of abundant opportunity – and abundant risk.

Commodity price volatility continues to drive focus – whilst prices are high, optimism prevails, but for how long?

ESG is the buzz for the industry – the drive to decarbonise has moved from when to now – presenting upside for the sector, but at what cost?

People matter – attracting and retaining people has never been harder, in an environment where mining’s brand has been challenged on multiple fronts.

This Australian Mining Risk Forecast for 2022/2023 explores the key risks identified by executives. It reveals a resilient sector responding to a rapidly shifting environment of complex and diverse risks and we welcome the opportunity to discuss this further.

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