KPMG is at the forefront of an evolving tax landscape

KPMG is a leader in exploring the tax landscape which includes Transfer Pricing Services, International Taxes, Corporate Income Taxes, Value Added Taxes (VAT), Global Mobility Services and Indirect Taxes Services. Global Transfer Pricing Services helps companies implement economically supportable transfer prices, document policies and respond to challenges. The International Tax Practice is part of the network of professionals who provide meaningful advice on cross border tax matters. The Indirect Tax Services include advising on the tax treatment and structuring of transactions and supply chains and advising on the indirect tax consequences of entering new markets and undertaking corporate transactions. Global Mobility Services includes supporting clients with the planning and management of clients’ international workforce by aligning our thinking to your talent management objectives. In other words, Global Mobility Services includes shadow payroll processing, employee tax advisory services and immigration services.

Our main services are:-

  • Transfer pricing (assistance in the preparation of transfer pricing documentation)
  • Tax due diligence
  • Tax advisory services (review of contracts, issuance of tax opinions, application of  advance tax ruling
  • Merger, acquisitions, restructurings and joint ventures (assistance with approval from the tax authority)
  • Tax compliance (preparation and submission of tax computations  and tax returns)
  • Global mobility services (shadow payroll processing, immigration, filing of returns)
  • Tax and transfer pricing training or workshops. 

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