Management consulting

Management consulting

A tough economy, increasing regulation, skyrocketing customer expectations, disruptive technologies, expanding global markets, cut-throat competition – all these factors challenge an organization’s survival in fast-evolving markets that are riskier, costlier and more complex than ever before.

KPMG realises that in every challenge lies an opportunity: to create new and better strategies; to develop new products; to capture market share; to rethink business models; to become more efficient and create sustained competitive advantage.

To that end, KPMG offers a wide spectrum of value adding Management Consulting Services under Business Improvement and People & Change space as follows:

Business Improvement:

Business Process Improvement

  • Cost Optimization

    Challenging economic times continue to exist for most companies. CFOs are focused on improving top-line performance while remaining in a belt-tightening mode. Companies are now looking to the next generation of initiatives that will improve margin and reduce overhead costs, and add value at the same time.

    With this unique service offering, KPMG assists clients examine and improve each dimension of the business that impacts cash production, costs and working capital, resulting in better financial performance and enhanced positioning to seize opportunity in response to market conditions.Business Process Re-engineering

  • ISO 9001 Implementation

    KPMG assists organisations prepare for ISO implementation. Our approach entails a vigorous review of the existing business operations against the quality requirements as defined by the relevant ISO standards.

    Furthermore, KPMG supports clients with the implementation of the gaps noted from ISO Readiness Review, including getting client ready for ISO certification by  a certification body. 
  • Behavioural Change Management

    KPMG assists clients with individual and organizational change aspects of transformational projects. Our approach helps clients understand specific behavioural and organizational dynamics in transformational situations and enabling businesses and people to work through the challenges of change with the right strategy, plan and activities.

  • Human Resources Function Optimization

    Leveraging the proven tools of KPMG’s global Human Resources Optimization Methodology, we help clients create an HR strategy that is fully aligned and supportive of the business strategy, customise design the right HR Service Delivery Model, and build the HR programs and processes that unleash talent and enhance people productivity.

  • Organizational Design for Performance

    Through its robust methodologies, KPMG helps clients gain maximum value from the conscious design and implementation of structure, processes, governance and capabilities that enable and sustain strategy and vision. KPMG’s approach goes well beyond creating structure charts to address systemic issues and seize opportunities.

  • Talent Management

    KPMG takes a holistic approach to talent development to optimize human capital, enabling our clients to drive short-and long-term results through integrated talent acquisition, development, deployment and retention processes that are aligned to business goals. 

  • Change Management



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