Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion & Diversity

As KPMG’s Global Leader for Inclusion and Diversity, my goal is for every one of our people to feel a sense of belonging, regardless of their gender identity, sex, race, disability, religion, beliefs or age. KPMG’s diverse teams reflect the diverse nature of clients' businesses and help us solve problems in new and different ways. And our people are encouraged through our distinctly inclusive culture to express different viewpoints and perspectives.

Internally our focus is on three things: inspiring inclusive leadership, empowering positive networks and driving accountability. Our Inclusion & Diversity strategic framework is a priority for every member firm across the network and it comes to life not just through our employee policies, programs and networks but through multi-layered and multi-faceted responses to issues that drive lasting change because they are grounded in the reality of the markets we operate in. 

As a global organization, with member firms in over 150 countries employing almost 200,000 people, our focus is on recruiting and motivating the most exceptional group of people to succeed.

There are many examples where our commitment to equality has translated into inspiring action. Most notably in the US Lynne Doughtie was the first woman appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of KPMG in the US. The UK was the first firm to publicly publish their gender targets externally. In 2008, KPMG Pakistan appointed the first female Partner in a professional services firm in the country’s history! In KPMG Jamaica women make up 74 percent of the workforce. And in Australia, KPMG commissioned by the Male Champions of Change, produced a report on domestic violence in the workplace and launched KPMG Australia’s first ever domestic violence policy. 

Whilst we realize we have a way to go yet, we are also very proud of the milestones we have achieved. Inclusion & Diversity is a subject that matters to me enormously, on both a personal and a professional level. The opportunities KPMG provides to help address the diversity gap is one of the reasons I love my work. As a mother of four I’m keen to influence the world of work so that inclusive and diverse workplaces are the norm, and I’m proud of the action KPMG is taking to build an inclusive culture that is creating a transformational impact within the global network.


Susan Ferrier

Head of Global Inclusion & Diversity

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