Just 27% of company transformations deliver on growth and profitability objectives. How are the winners beating the odds? 

True ‘business transformation’ is an enterprise-wide, complex and lengthy effort aimed at producing a lasting impact, changing a company’s trajectory and delivering measurable growth and improved profitability. It is essential to long-term growth and viability. Yet nearly three-quarters of enterprise transformation projects at public companies fail to deliver top- and bottom-line growth.

In today's business environment, you can't afford to let your transformation fail.

Get real value from your transformation

KPMG Elevate is designed to help you unlock value – quickly – no matter where you are in your transformation and growth journey. From strategy through to execution, we can help you quickly and confidently achieve measurable improvements to your operating margin, cost structures and working capital positions.

KPMG Elevate is value, quantified and delivered.

By combining proprietary data, tools and capabilities, KPMG Elevate gives you the insights you need to rapidly and confidently quantify and unlock value through transformation. 

The four consistent traits of successful transformation:

They are data-driven.

Leaders set ambitious yet realistic goals based on both internal and external data.

They are well-timed.

Successful transformations get the timing right. They take place while a business is thriving and before the need for change is actually necessary.

They are properly resourced.

Winning transformations require careful planning and resourcing. Implementing change is not easy.

They balance cost and revenue.

Sustainable transformations balance both cost-cutting and new revenue opportunities to position themselves for growth.

We see the value others can't see

We start with value identification. KPMG’s highly experienced sector professionals get down to your organization’s transaction-level data where we can uncover real and quantifiable value creation opportunities. Then working with you, we help develop detailed implementation plans to capture the very best of those opportunities using a multidisciplinary team of experienced KPMG implementation professionals.

And we tie it all together from strategy through to execution, allowing you to go from start to finish with the right KPMG expertise that knows how to get things done.

KPMG Elevate is designed to deliver the insights and capabilities you need to help your transformation projects succeed. 


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