KPMG’s Metals practice consists of a strong network of experienced industry professionals from our member firms working with clients around the world.

KPMG’s Metals practice consists of a strong network of experienced industry professionals

A specialized industry segment within Global Industrial Manufacturing, KPMG’s Metals practice provides service and experience to the full scope of sector businesses from steel producers and integrated steelmakers to downstream businesses including steel service centers and aluminum processors.

As the global metals industry grapples with on-going challenges of fluctuating demand, volatile raw materials costs and continuing pressure on margins, KPMG professionals in member firms around the world have the experience and insight needed to bring clarity to your business decisions. Services include:

The Growth Agenda

  • High growth market strategies
  • Market entry and expansion
  • M&A and transaction services
  • Corporate finance and valuations
  • Private equity investment

Cost and Competitiveness

  • Supply chain and distribution solutions
  • Procurement transformation
  • Improving operational efficiencies
  • Finance transformation
  • Internal improvement and sourcing advisory
  • R&D management strategies

Risk, Governance and Regulatory Matters

  • Enterprise risk management
  • IT advisory solutions
  • Governance, reporting and regulatory services
  • Debt advice and securitization
  • Global tax and transfer pricing services
  • Sustainability and the environment

With the sector reigning in expenses, leaders recognize the need to invest in updated technologies and higher growth regions, both to fend off substitution risk as well as offset slower growth patterns in more mature markets. While unpredictable spikes in demand and volatile spot prices in finished goods have made budgeting more difficult, metals companies must address uncertainties and opportunities all along the value chain. With deep-rooted industry experience, KPMG’s global Metals practice can assist companies in converting today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.