Ted Cannis

CEO, Ford Pro

CEO, Ford Pro

Ford Pro, the division of Ford that serves government and commercial customers, is taking the idea of a one-stop shop to the digital age.

“We’re offering the entire data-driven vehicle ownership experience to support drivers’ productivity and help them create a positive impact on people and the planet,” says Ford Pro’s CEO, Ted Cannis.

Ford Pro offers software, battery charging, financing and customer support to serve commercial customers of all sizes and industries. This comprehensive approach helps customers achieve sustainability goals, improve energy management and accelerate productivity. Cannis estimates that integrated solutions can reduce the total cost of owning a vehicle by as much as 20%.

The simplicity of the integrated vehicle systems allows customers to run their business more efficiently. “The goal of a commercial customer is not to own a vehicle,” Cannis says. “The goal is to get the most out of your asset. Roofers want to roof, plumbers want to plumb, miners want to mine. They don’t want to be driving or repairing vehicles.”  

Cannis maintains a steady focus on small and midsize businesses. He recognizes that smaller businesses may be hesitant about transitioning to electric vehicles or productivity software solutions. “They don’t have whole teams of people working on electrification or digitalization the way big companies do,” he says. But Ford Pro, through its vast network of dealers and commercial centers, can help small businesses understand the impact of these changes.  

Expanding from selling vehicles to offering integrated ownership solutions is a new business model for Ford Pro that has required the company to rethink its internal structures. “It changed how we think about what kind of business we’re in, which is a complete ecosystem of solutions rather than vehicle sales,” says Cannis. “It has completely changed how we work, what we measure, what kind of talent we employ.”  

Even in uncertain economic times and a tense geopolitical environment, Cannis believes Ford Pro has a winning proposition. “The way I see it, it’s about how fast we can grow, and not about the external factors that can drive us down,” he says.


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