Innovating at KPMG

Innovating at KPMG

We are taking bold steps to help organizations make better and faster decisions with confidence.

Drive innovation to help organizations make better, faster and more confident decisions.

Adding innovation to the value of D&A

The entire focus of KPMG Data & Analytics professionals is on helping companies drive value by making better, faster decisions. And they are innovating to deliver on that promise.

For many years, they have been analyzing data with precision and quality. And, through those years, they have been investing into innovations, capabilities and tools that drive tangible value for clients.

Today, they continue to stand at the forefront of innovation in the field of data and analytics. Their steadfast commitment to creating world class analytical capabilities and robust global ecosystems means that clients can always have access to the latest technologies, approaches and solutions to deliver competitive advantage in a constantly evolving marketplace.

The Data & Analytics professionals are executing on many fronts. From investing capital into emerging ‘Tech’ companies and developing proprietary solutions and data sets, through to developing collaborative relationships with industry leaders and Insight Centers that drive enhanced visualization, they are driving innovation to help organizations make better, faster and more confident decisions.



Global collaboration

KPMG firms’ global model offers leading practices, capabilities and insights.

Data-driven capabilities

D&A is embedded into the core capabilities at KPMG’s network of firms.

Cutting-edge resources

Get outside of the box and explore the art of the possible at the Insights and Ignition Centers.

Valuable relationships

Access leading technology solutions and vendors through global technology relationships.

Business-led approach

KPMG firms combine business acumen and deep industry expertise with leading edge technology and analytics.

Trusted platforms

Data and technology platforms offer access to valuable and reliable sources.  

Emerging innovations

Through KPMG Capital, KPMG firms invest in new innovations to unlock new thinking and world-class ideas. 

Academic partnerships

Tap into the latest ideas and start experimenting and learning from academic collaborations.

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