Immersion in the commercial and policy dynamics shaping the energy sector is fundamental to our practice. We understand the contractual and regulatory environment for energy businesses in the UK, which underpins our ability to help clients navigate equivalent environments in other jurisdictions globally.

Our experience of advising on energy transactions, projects and trading is mutually complimentary both in terms of sector insight and legal discipline.

Transactions: we advise on corporate and asset transaction structuring, conduct legal due diligence, manage regulatory approvals and draft and negotiate transaction agreements.

Projects: we draft and negotiate the contractual building blocks of energy projects as well as advising on the regulatory frameworks applicable to them, including:

  • Joint Ventures: funding, governance, government interactions, supply chain management, investor change and the provision of JV services by individual partners.
  • Regulation: operational and economic regulations for hydrocarbons and electricity, the environmental and planning regimes as well as competition, subsidy and national security controls.
  • Procurement Contracting: performance, cost, delay and multi-contract interface risks.
  • Offtake Contracting: volume, quality, delivery and pricing risks (from crude oil through electricity to carbon-based instruments).
  • Infrastructure Connections: timing, access, costs and damage risks (from private facilities to national electricity and gas networks).
  • Land and Sea-Bed Rights: options and their conversion, third party access and reinstatement obligations (from private landlords to government related entities).

Trading: we advise on both commercial contracting (both physical and non-physical) and regulatory compliance (both market and financial) for wholesale energy and commodity trading activities (both bilateral and exchange-based).

Our energy team is able to draw on expertise from real estate, regulatory, intellectual property, employment and data privacy specialists in our wider legal team as appropriate.

Our legal advice is often embedded with input from our wider energy sector group, adding tax, accounting, operational and strategy perspectives.

We are committed to leading the implementation of technical tools in the delivery of legal advice to drive insight, accuracy, efficiency and ongoing learning for both our clients and our own team.