KPMG x Workiva

Unite complex reporting into one simple platform

Todays’ complex environment of creating essential reports or managing risk is becoming increasingly more challenging to manage.

Organisations need an intuitive platform that seamlessly connects teams, people and processes to accelerate, automate and simplify work. Allowing you to take back control and stay ahead.

Through our alliance with Workiva, discover the cloud-native solution, simplifying reporting and compliance. Embrace openness, intelligence and intuitive workflows. Seamlessly connect, transform, report and automate. Together, we’ll build a solution tailored to your needs.

Workiva Solutions


Effortlessly access data from anywhere. The platform lightens your load, boasting 60+ connectors and broad API reach


Workiva's drag-and-drop tools for diverse dataset creation without data science expertise. Merge financial and ESG data seamlessly. Elevate data control, governance, and business insights, fostering improved employee satisfaction and retention


Whether its ESG, Financial or GRC reporting, reclaim time, automate data handling and task management so you can focus on insights that drive value


Workiva's automation from CRM templates to Slack updates, saves time and puts you in control

Trust and Control

Streamline and standardise operations while reducing the risk of lost work. Establish a singular source of truth for accuracy and empower process leaders with increased control. Mitigate the risk of key person dependency. Speed up cycles and elevate review quality

Our Solutions

Accelerate performance & growth

By combining our deep functional knowledge and proven targeting operation models, our Powered Enterprise approach harnesses the power of Workiva to maximise performance, efficiency and drive value faster

Get a joined-up view

From evidence-based insight to customer-centric business models, we help you utilise Workiva that bring new levels of agility, insight, efficiency, and performance. See the whole picture more clearly

Embed forward-thinking insight

Our data & analytics experts bring you the insights from end-to-end research and the latest big data approaches, helping you navigate change and stay responsive to customer needs

Create a close working relationship

We’re more than just a business partner, we’ll support you all the way. We focus on achieving your business outcomes you need rather than simply executing tasks

Scale up and down

We can leverage our global capabilities to widen the window of expertise as and when we need to – scaling our support to help you scale your business

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