KPMG x Thought Machine

Build a powerful next generation cloud banking solution

Banks need to drive digital innovation and real-time solutions at pace in a rapidly evolving landscape.

This means moving beyond legacy systems by migrating to cloud-based platforms that bring scalability, fully automated processes and improved data security.

Our alliance with Thought Machine helps you get there. With Thought Machine Vault as the core banking platform and foundation layer bringing flexibility, choice and power, we bring our deep banking experience and expertise to help you transform.

Our Solutions

Simplify your data migration

Our Powered approach, integrated into Thought Machine Vault, supports you as you migrate to a next generation core. With our proven methodologies and practices, the task is simplified.

Migrate old products, build new

From planning and data quality assessments to testing and deployment, we support you all the way. With Vault, we help you both migrate historical products and build new.

Gain confidence through control

We create a customised control layer that integrates multiple data sources and provides complete transparency to ensure confidence and trust in your E2E data migration process.

See the whole picture

Our reconciliations and reporting dashboards give a controlled, auditable view of the whole process. Armed with the crucial evidence, you can make the final Go Live decision with confidence.

With you every step

We’re more than just a business partner, we’ll support you all the way. We focus on achieving your business outcomes you need rather than simply executing tasks.

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