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Bolster your operational resilience with best-in-class technology at the core

Operational resilience has become a key priority in a more unpredictable world. Regulatory requirements are also becoming more stringent.

Organisations need an integrated and data-led approach across services and systems. They need a centralised view that reduces risk and provides a scalable platform, increasing control.

Combining our operational resilience expertise with Fusion’s flagship platform, our alliance offers the data and insight your business needs. Our approach brings key areas of risk and business continuity management under one umbrella, supporting informed decision-making and a stronger resilience posture.

Fusion Solutions

Integrate your operational resilience capabilities

By bringing together your existing BCM capability and your operational resilience measures, you can create a stronger integrated resilience approach

Obtain better ROI, faster

Because the solution integrates your capabilities in one place, you can achieve enhanced returns and faster implementations for your strategic investments in resilience tooling

Build a template for resilience

The baseline configuration for your KPMG-Fusion solution will support scalable and sustainable resilience operating models that form the foundations for the future

Define your own solution

The solution enables you to seamlessly integrate your functional capabilities with additional enabling technologies – creating a bespoke platform that serves your needs

Drive consistency and usage

By embedding the end-integrated solution into your infrastructure, you can achieve better adoption across the organisation in a more consistent approach

Our Solutions

Obtain a single view

Our enterprise service identification and management solutions allow a single view of services across the firm – everything you need in one place

Have confidence in your approach

We build in a robust enterprise service resilience assessment and management methodology, building trust and confidence through the audit trail that arises

Increase your clarity

Through enhanced visualisations that we build into the solution, you can see and understand vulnerabilities more clearly, leading to better decision-making and remediations

Work smarter with more control

Through our solution, operational resilience and business continuity are integrated and converged, leading to a streamlining of data, activities and capabilities: a more efficient and effective model

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