It has never been more complex to deliver infrastructure projects. Supply chain capacity constraints, sustainability requirements, digital transformation and economic volatility mean a strong foundation of strategies and controls processes is essential if there is to be confidence in delivering the required outcomes.

The UK plans to deliver an infrastructure pipeline of hundreds of billions of pounds in the next 10 years, yet 40% of projects are currently not delivered on time or within budget.

Who we help

We work with public sector clients, private sector delivery organisations, infrastructure investors and contractors of all tiers and types to bring the forefront of industry thinking on procurement and commercial strategies, and the conditions needed to provide project and programme delivery confidence.

What we do

We have deep expertise in infrastructure delivery and a unique frame of reference into the factors which support successful project, portfolio, and programme outcomes, having completed hundreds of reviews. Our experience across all sectors and for all client types gives unparalleled insight into what makes a procurement or commercial strategy, or the controls environment, successful. We do this in five core ways; 

Procurement and commercial strategy

We bring industry-leading thinking to every stage of the procurement and commercial lifecycle, from the delivery model to the commercial model, tendering and negotiation, and strategic supplier management.

Drawing on the vast industry experience of our multidisciplinary teams, we work in partnership with our clients to address the complex challenges inherent in large-scale capital programmes and manage risk. We put ESG and digital at the root of our approach, aiming not only to meet, but surpass established benchmarks.

Programme controls

We build the support structure of strategies, processes and tools which underpin successful programme delivery. We focus on tangible areas such as schedule and risk, but also people and culture, to cover every lens of what makes a project or programme successful.

Our global project controls framework, consisting of over 200 assessment criteria, allows us to measure and benchmark projects. We use the insights from measurement to improve and transform the effectiveness of projects with right-sized processes and controls.

Cost Intelligence

Projects and programmes need cost predictability, and good data to inform decision-making. They also need to drive for best value, and balance cost budgets against carbon budgets. We bring transformative analytic approaches to pull cost intelligence effort into the early stages of projects. This focusses decision-makers on the actions which will make a major difference to cost outcomes.

Planning intelligence

A credible and integrated baselined plan is the cornerstone of project and programme delivery. This allows deliverability issues to be recognised, anticipated, and mitigated, and is needed to give stakeholders trust and confidence. We have worked with hundreds of clients to build the right-sized capability and tools to deliver and maintain a realistic schedule baseline. We assess the specific needs of the situation, design and develop through co-creating suitable planning and controls standards, processes, and team structure. We work closely with clients to help successfully embed the new capability to transform your into the new ways of working. 

Dynamic assurance

Boards need information they can trust and understand about how a project or programme is performing, and what action is needed to support its successful delivery. As projects include increasingly diverse work packages, higher digital dependence, more intricate asset-people interfaces and increased sustainability demands, an increasingly sophisticated approach is needed to give confidence over their outcomes.

We design and execute proactive assurance approaches which support project delivery and emphasise forward-looking recommendations to enhance project trajectory. We develop a unique matrix of multidisciplinary lines of enquiry specific for each review, drawing together asset completion, organisational transformation and operational readiness, sustainability, digital transformation, and governance compliance. This brings early issue identification, improved quality, cost and schedule savings, better mitigation of risks, and gives senior stakeholders confidence. 

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