In today’s competitive market, organisations are transforming their global business services (GBS) function to deliver a resilient, agile and cost-effective service. The aim is to create an exceptional experience for both internal customers and GBS employees. Digital tools and platforms play a key role in achieving this.  
GBS can create a competitive advantage by bringing together data and knowledge from across the organisation, aligning business units and breaking down silos between the front, middle and back office.

Some prominent features define next generation business services:

  • A customer-centric service delivering business outcomes for GBS customers
  • Flexible and scalable model, a platform for business growth and performance 
  • Digitally enabled, embedding digital capability and adoption across the enterprise
  • An analytics and insights engine leveraging data from across the organisation  
  • A hub for enterprise transformation by prioritising and delivering transformation 
  • An empowered workforce operating with a digital mindset and reskilled to deliver next generation services

Our solutions and services

Whether you have a mature business services organisation or are just embarking on your journey, our global team is ready to support you in creating a tailored solution for your organisation. KPMG has the knowledge, tools and capability to help you design a customer-centric and digitally enabled business services organisation. We can also help you unlock more value from your existing GBS operations.

We support our clients throughout their GBS journey, from strategy development to implementation and launch of business services. 

At KPMG, we practice what we preach. We have created a single business services organisation, consolidating 19 functions and 750 services across the UK firm. This is supported by an onshore and offshore delivery model.

Our services include

GBS vision and strategy

Our framework can help you understand your maturity, identify value levers, define your ambition and develop a strategy aligned to your business objectives.

Customer-led design and build

We can help design a service portfolio and operating model aligned to your customer expectations. Our powered assets provide a best practice framework to expedite the design of your processes and identify automation opportunities. We work closely with our Tax experts, helping you create tax efficient structures.

Digital enablement and automation

Your GBS organisation can be an engine for driving enterprise-wide digital transformation. KPMG can help you identify and deliver the right digital solutions for your GBS organisation and support you in building digital capability.

GBS people and capability

Defining the right employee value proposition (EVP) and culture is even more important in the new reality. We can help design an organisation, including roles and capabilities supported by a culture that encourages a digital mindset. Our global mobility services platform can help you plan for and track your virtual workforce.

Data and insight

Next generation GBS can leverage data and knowledge from across the organisation to support business in making the right decisions. We help clients design and implement their data, reporting and insight capability. We can also deliver these services via our managed services offering, which can be used as a short-term solution or an outsourced service.

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