COVID-19 has changed what customers look for in products and services. Changes in technology, behaviours and values are shaping the New Customer. At the same time, digital transformation has compressed years of change into a few months.

To compete in this new reality, businesses will need to rethink customer experience in a connected and digital world. Everything from your brand messaging to your marketing and sales and servicing journey counts. The overall experience will decide if a customer is going to choose your product or service, purchase it again or recommend it to a friend.

As experts in Customer Experience, we help you improve your customer experience measures (including net promoter scores). This, in turn, reduces your cost to serve to improve bottom-line performance.

How we can help

Customer experience strategy

The Six Pillars framework can help you design a clear vision and a strategy. The established universal pillars help you deliver customer experience excellence at every step. This helps ensure that every interaction across marketing, sales and service aligns to your brand values.

Our approach is always commercially focused and based on robust financial analysis. We help you identify the required areas of change as well as define key metrics and targets to measure your performance.


Customer experience transformation

We study and transform your customer journeys with an ‘outside in’ (customer centred) and ‘inside out’ (enterprise centred) approach.

We bring rigour and structure to design your customer journey. This is made possible with our service design practice and global methodology. Our innovative design and customer-centric service solutions mean we can quickly identify the immediate gain and pain points, to transform customer journeys in an efficient and simpified way. And we build, test and implement services for consistent performance, to ensure the transfer of knowledge is an easy process.


Customer experience management

We understand how you need the right customer and operational insights to monitor and manage your customer experience.

Our framework ensures we fully integrate these insights into our customer experience measurement systems at every touchpoint. This empowers your front-line colleagues to swiftly respond to customer service management issues.


Our Insights on Customer Experience

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