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Are you concerned that your group structure no longer supports how your business is managed – but unsure about the most efficient way of restructuring?

Would you like to implement a restructuring plan, but worry about the accounting implications?

Do you lack confidence in the distributable reserves positions of the entities within your group; or in proposed transactions?

Do you spend considerable time each month reconciling intercompany balances, and looking into the recoverability of those accounts?

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How we can help

We work with you from planning to implementation and help ensure that

  • Your proposed restructuring or group simplification is implemented as efficiently as possible
  • All potential pitfalls are identified and addressed early on.

We have access to a wide range of resources within the KPMG network, enabling us to cover all aspects of restructuring implementation. Our approach combines a best practice model with customised aspects for your business. By investing time in getting to know your business, we’ll ensure that you have the answers to meet your business needs.

We can devise an efficient group structure, which rationalises your legal entities by eliminating the redundant ones – saving costs, increasing efficiency and reducing risk for directors. And we can review documentation, provide technical accounting guidance, present the plan to internal stakeholders, and liaise with external specialists such as tax and legal advisors.

We can also analyse the distributable reserves position of each company within the group and advise you on how to maximise distributable reserves.

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