Tomorrow’s consumers expect retailers to meet them where they are — online, in-store and on social media — and deliver the same experience regardless. To meet that demand, companies need to develop seamless, connected capabilities across the entire organization.

Seamless commerce is the third, technologically-driven, wave to help transform retail in the past three decades. This revolution is happening in different ways – and at differing speeds – across various kinds of retailers (physical, pure play digital and hybrid), all kinds of sectors (particularly advanced in grocery) and many countries (China and India are in the vanguard of change).

What is clear is that in the future, retailers are much more likely to prosper if, armed with data and insight from across the business, they become truly customer centric by achieving the kind of broader connectivity that can make them agile enough to anticipate, innovate and react to changing consumer preferences.

In this report, KPMG professionals explore how retailers can evolve their seamless commerce strategies to be more responsive to changing consumer behaviors and become a truly connected enterprise.

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Towards seamless commerce

Discover how retailers can adapt their seamless commerce strategy to stay connected to customers.

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Where do you start on your seamless commerce journey?

We’d suggest asking yourself these questions:

Do you know what a seamless commerce journey would actually look like for your current customer and a new customer?

Are you clear on what it will take to get there?

Do you feel confident demonstrating the commercial value of this reinvention to your leadership and funders?

We’re here to help you answer those questions, in a way that suits you.

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