The importance of building a lasting legacy is a distinguishing feature of family businesses. It helps to unite the family and inspires future generations to carry the family’s business forward. Is it also a key contributor to long-term business growth and sustainability performance?

The STEP Project Global Consortium (SPGC) in collaboration with KPMG Private Enterprise is setting out to gain a deeper understanding of the “essence” and impact of legacy in family businesses in a global survey of family business leaders.

We invite you to share your views in this 15-minute survey which should be completed by the senior family leader in the family business.

The data, which will be held in strict confidence and shall not identify any individuals or businesses that takes part, will be used to develop a report exploring practical actions for sustained, long-term business performance. This will be launched at the SPGC global family business summit in May 2024.

There is also an opportunity to attend a discussion group for leaders of family businesses where we will share insights from the survey and explore some of the most important opportunities and challenges that may lie ahead. Please contact us at if you would like further details.

About our alliance with STEP Global Consortium

KPMG Private Enterprise and the Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices (STEP) Project Global Consortium entered into a strategic alliance to conduct research to develop a deeper understanding of the impact of changing demographics on succession and governance practices for business families. The first STEP 2019 Global Family Business report surveyed more than 1,800 family business leaders from 33 countries across five continents: Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, South America and Africa. The survey provided an opportunity for the participants to provide their views on how changing demographics affect family business governance, succession, societal impact, entrepreneurial orientation and performance.

Since then, our most recent STEP 2023 Global Family Business report, ‘A road well-travelled’ consisting of data gathered from a survey of 2,439 family businesses across 70 countries and territories explored the various routes to sustainability that family businesses are taking.

Now, we are approaching businesses worldwide to partake in our STEP 2023 Global Family Business survey.


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