Co-authored by KPMG and Thames Water, this report sets out the potentially significant role that waste heat could play in decarbonising towns and cities right across the country.

As the UK aims to accelerate progress towards Net Zero, delivering on the decarbonisation of heat challenge will be critical. Whilst a range of low-carbon technologies will have a role to play, water companies are well placed to unlock a sizeable, renewable and currently untapped heat resource and have an exciting opportunity to support the shift to green heating systems. Thames Water’s operational activities alone could potentially deliver up 10 TWh of waste heat each year - equivalent to 40% of the energy production of Hinkley Point C.

Drawing on analysis by KPMG and Thames Water, this report outlines:

  • The potential scale of the opportunity to recover waste heat, building on learnings from best practice examples across Europe
  • The key benefits for the environment, consumers and the wider energy system
  • The main challenges associated with harnessing this emerging low-carbon resource
  • A set of key asks for policymakers that can help bring this market to fruition at scale in the UK

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