Data flows into the future

Open Data can unlock enormous potential in public services. Consider public transport.

The UK's Department of Transport wanted to tap into the unrealised potential of England's bus services by collating information on services, fares and real-time locations for passengers. Their key areas of concern were:

  • Getting their data working to help evolve their service provision
  • Using their data to improve customer experience
  • How to analyse the data to get key insights into the service they were providing
  • Whether the insights gleaned from the data could be used to create jobs, generate other economic benefits and lead to efficiency savings

KPMG saw that BODS needed a way to provide valuable data to consumers and service providers in a way that met complex stakeholder requirements as well as driving increased user journeys and providing cost savings to local authorities.

You can find out here about how BODS transformed their open data to have a unified open data platform for all bus transport timetable, locations and bus fares across England.

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