What Shell’s customers want is changing. They’re placing smaller, more frequent orders and expect same or near-day deliveries. They want customised packaging, real-time order visibility and interaction via digital channels. To keep pace, Shell needed to future-proof its supply chain.

Digital disruption is changing the world in which we live and work. New technologies have created new markets and new ways of working that, in turn, have given rise to new offerings and competitors.

This level of competition is driving increasing customer expectations, and the pace of change is unlikely to slow any time soon. Meanwhile, Shell continues to heavily focus on its environmental sustainability agenda, including reducing waste, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and responsible procurement. Recognising these disruptions, Shell Lubricants knew it had to challenge its definition of what their future Supply Chain could be.

Meeting and exceeding new customer demands brings many challenges. To meet these challenges head-on and ensure a supply chain vision that remained fit for purpose, Shell enlisted the support of KPMG experts to reassess their supply chain strategy.

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