Market research and media company Kantar had a rapidly growing supplier base and needed a future fit procurement function to manage it well. It wanted to digitally transform to enable better processes, supplier and risk management, data collection and analysis, and spend control.

Kantar’s outdated system was decentralised, didn’t provide a clear oversight of suppliers, supplier onboarding, and risks. Processes were highly manual, taking up valuable time and resources. Adding to this, Kantar’s contracts were running at higher costs than necessary, yet, due to a lack of data insights on supplier value, the team weren’t in a position to maximise existing contracts or drive strong contract negotiations.

KPMG was ready to transform Kantar’s procurement function, armed with tailor-made Powered Procurement technologies, operating models, and implementation best practice. In an initial scoping stage, our team helped Kantar develop a robust business case for change,and assisted with sourcing the right cloud-based procurement technology platform for Kantar’s needs.

Next, our team actioned ‘phase one’: implementing the chosen technology and using our Powered Procurement frameworks to methodically ‘unlock’ best practice source-to-contract processes and supplier risk analysis tools. “Powered allowed us to deploy Coupa at pace, using well worked, and proven design principles, so that we could focus on value creation” Stephen Day, CPO, Kantar.

Key to successfully delivering phase one was an aligned Change Management strategy, to ensure the Kantar team were engaged on the journey, trained in the new system, and ready to make the most of the new capabilities from day one. The Change Management communications to the broader stakeholder community within Kantar were essential to the successful landing of the changes.

Kantar is now equipped with a source-to-contract system that is easy to use, enables greater procurement control, agility and risk mitigation. The company is now looking to amplify the long-list of benefits across the 100 countries in its global network. Following this, the team will implement new purchase-to-receipt processes, rounding out a full digital transformation and delivering Kantar a procurement function fit for the future.

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