Is your business ‘deal ready’? Whether for a sale, an equity finance raise, disposal of non-core assets or any other divestment activity, ensuring your business is ‘deal ready’ will maximise value and upside upon completion.

It is vital for you to understand where your risks and opportunities sit. Having the right strategic information on what is important in a deal is critical in order to drive value for stakeholders and to properly manage complex risk on a transaction.

If you would like a confidential conversation regarding the sale or investment in your business, please do drop me an email. We are the most active advisors in the mid-market. You can find our latest deals by sector and regions here.

In addition, KPMG’s innovative InSite Deal Readiness platform brings together deep specialist experience and cutting-edge technology to enable you to see through the complexity and get to the heart of what matters. By completing an interactive assessment, it equips you with strategic and technical information, enabling you to focus valuable time where it really matters and to prioritise resources accordingly.

For a complementary ‘Insite Deal Readiness’ session

Don't leave it to chance, get deal ready with confidence

KPMG’s InSite Deal Readiness platform will, within a matter of hours, provide you with a diagnostic risk score, allowing you to gain a clear understanding of those areas of your business which need attention. 

Watch our latest video to learn more about how the InSite Deal Readiness platform can assist you and contact us to request further information.

Hear from our experts: How can the InSite Deal Readiness Platform help you?

By combining deep multidisciplinary Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) expertise and best-in-class technology, the InSite Deal Readiness platform allows you to cut through complexity and focus valuable time and resources on what is important within a matter of hours.

Our InSite Deal Readiness platform reimagines the way in which we help our clients ensure their business is properly ‘deal ready’. Maximise value and upside upon completion of a transaction by generating a practical roadmap of actions in relation to key opportunities in the business.

Do you often find yourself asking the question 'is my business deal ready?'. Our team of experienced Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) specialists is here to help you. By using the InSite Deal Readiness platform, you will be provided with rapid, trusted insights to ensure you are deal ready with confidence.

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